Thursday, February 6, 2014

Concerning Tummo Syndrome (拙火症候群)

The practice of tummo is certainly not about ‘drying wet blankets’ that is what I can assure you. If anyone tells a Rinpoche about wanting to use tummo to dry wet blankets; I can assure you that the Rinpoche will certainly recommend this person to buy an electric dryer.


Likewise when my brother in dharma told Rinpoche that he finally understood vase breathing is actually holding breath under the belly. The Rinpoche just burst into laughter and said to him: “Do you think you can achieve enlightenment by holding your breath under your belly?”


The key to the above jokes is that tummo when being practiced incorrectly, will cause physical problems: fever, headache, heat and redness in ear and face, fast heart rate, inability to concentrate, feeling giddy or dizzy.


There are many reasons for one to experience tummo syndrome. Perhaps one has over concentrated in visualizing the chakras and nadis; or perhaps this person didn’t do the warming up exercise. It is also likely that a beginner is practicing tummo during summer months and during noon.


Whatever the case may be, no one will tell you about tummo syndrome.


So, how to go about when one is suffering from tummo syndrome?


·         Drink plenty of water.

·         Perform corpse position.

·         Go out for a walk in the garden.

·         Perform yoga exercises; Tibetan yoga in particular.

·         Perform grounding exercise by rubbing against trees.

·         Temporarily stop tummo.

·         Perform cleansing ritual.

·         Drink herbal tea.


It is extremely easy to misdiagnose tummo syndrome as fever or other sicknesses and hence mistreated with the wrong medicine. So caution must be exercised to identify if the person is really suffering from tummo syndrome, a real disease, and the work of black magic or if it is indeed a case of spirit possession!

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