Sunday, February 16, 2014

Auditing Haunted Places

It is my habit to ask my customer this question:


“Why do you want to have Feng Shui audit?”


Actually I am quite reluctant to audit a haunted house or site without knowing the history behind the place first. The reason is that by helping others using Feng Shui, I am also tempering with other’s karma indirectly and I may invite problems caused by spirits after the seemingly innocent audit; unless the person agrees with my terms and conditions of course.


Unfortunately not everyone is honest, aware of his/her situations or willing to tell the true story and it is the Feng Shui master that takes the aftermath usually. My fellow Feng Shui masters can tell you their personal experiences if you’re still doubtful of what I just said. For example:


·         Master Ang’s handy missing after auditing a renowned haunted graveyard and only to find his handy lied in the center of the grave.

·         Another example is that one of my students told me that he seen a white figure followed him home after auditing a bungalow in KL. After that, he suffered many unfortunate incidents until he was forced to move house for good.


About 20 years ago, a famous Feng Shui master, Master Lee went to audit an old haunted grave in Hong Kong despite his fellow members warned him about the danger. But Master Lee brushed aside all warnings as he was confident that he can handle the spirit of the grave with ease. However, Master Lee accidently fell to his death while descending a staircase on leaving the graveyard. Though it seemed like an accident, the insiders believe that it is because of Master Lee’s luck was low and that he was overpowered by the spirit instead.


I believe that if Feng Shui masters are warned before hand, at least they can take some precautions such as wearing protective amulets, cast a protective magic or at least perform some prayers would be able to minimize the risks of being attacked greatly. There are many ways to go about, but having a good protection is definitely the first priority.


When masters know that a place is haunted, then they will not give out any open comments about the site being audited in situ. It is definitely not wise to discuss about any audit results or proposals on site as this may agitate spirits and bring harm to the owners and the masters.


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