Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Case Of Killer Shadowy Cross

Although a place of worship such as a temple, shrine, church or the like is termed as a ‘holy place’; its location should ideally be at least 100 ft away from any residential area in Feng Shui perspective. Set aside any supernatural factors, noises and visitors flocked to this place in large quantity will surely cause inconveniences to local residents.


There is a saying amongst the Feng Shui practitioners:



“In front and back of temple causes isolation; while both sides cause hardship.”


I was in Sungai Siput for a few days and my cousin brought me to a famous stall selling fish head rice vermicelli (魚頭米粉) to enjoy this long awaiting delicacies. The thick sweet fish soup added with some whiskey really made eating the rice noodles an unforgettable experience. I assure you that this is one thing you should not miss if you also enjoy good foods.


My cousin’s friend, Larry who is an architect knew that I know a little about Feng Shui so he pulled a chair and join my table with his story:


“There is a school in Ipoh city adjacent to an old church. One can see the church from school teacher’s office once the backdoor is opened. There are 8 large tables arranged in two rows in the middle of the office; two teachers would share a table.


One odd thing worth mentioning is that for every two years or so, only the teacher who sat at a particular corner would pass away. Well, no one paid any attention to this incident at first as everybody dies any way. Then two years later, another teacher who sat at the same place died and the history repeated itself for a consecutive 6 years while other teachers were perfectly okay.


Now that 3 teachers died consecutively in a row. The other teachers started to feel uncomfortable but they have nowhere to complain until an afternoon at around 4pm when a cleaner closed the office backdoor for a short while and then reopened it for sweeping floor.


A teacher noticed that the shadow of a cross was cast onto the chair. This shadowy cross would fall exactly onto the back of anyone who sits on the chair. No one would pay any attention to this shadow had it not 3 people died there.


Despite people would ridicule that there is no place for superstition inside a school compound; no teachers would want to sit at the corner. So the school principal decided to seal the back door so that in and out of the office through the front door instead.


Believe it or not, after the back door is sealed; there were no fatalities reported ever since.”


My take is that though it may sound strange, external factors will definitely affects the Feng Shui of a location even though it is just the shadow of a cross!


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