Monday, February 17, 2014

Fighting Against Fates (我命由我不由天)

Basically there are two different views of astrology now and then: one against and the other accepts it. The one against astrology would say:

“My fate is in my hand.”


While the proponent would say:

“Everything else is fated.”


Personally, I think both sides are correct. Based on my experience, though many of the astrology readings can be interpreted with ease; at least 30% or more of the time astrology cannot provide a solid conclusion if an event will happen. There are many factors behind it and time of birth is one important factor. Other than that, if a person continues to accumulate merits by repenting, donate to the poor or simply being careful in this life; then it is likely that the second half of his/her life would change.


My old astrology master, who had calculated that he would die by the age of 60 so he decided to have a retreat in a Buddhist temple nearby. Now that he is 75 and still pretty much alive.


A friend of my; another Mr. Liu who is a businessman and he is also a faithful Buddhist. Unlike his other business associates, he never visited any social escorts nor going into any massage parlors. I have calculated that Mr. Liu will not have any offspring and indeed all his 3 children died. His mother wanted him to take a concubine but he rejected the proposal as he is an ardent Buddhist. Due to his devotion perhaps, he finally has a child in his late 50s.


Unfortunately, there are not so many real life examples that show one can divert one’s fate. There is a fine thin line between ‘doing good deeds’ and ‘doing bad deeds’. If it is destined to marry twice and he/she refused to do so, then it is ‘good’. On the other hand, if one is not destined to marry twice and he/she only wants to satisfy his/her lust; then it is termed as ‘bad’. Whatever is right and with good motif, then the likely hood of success against fates is great, it is conversely true if the motif is on the other side of course.

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