Friday, February 28, 2014

I am Waiting For Your Return (我等着你回來)

The place where I stayed when I was doing my diploma course was quite haunted. It was a 4 rows 4 stories apartment just off Kuala Kangsar Road, behind a primary school in Ipoh. That was about 20 years ago and I was staying in an apartment on 4th floor together with 4 other friends, one of them was a girl name Joanne. She was amongst 4 female students taking engineering course then.


There were many strange noises in the midst of the nights: sound of small marbles dropping on the floor making sound such as: ‘tick, tick, tick…’ as well as the sound of people moving furniture. No one gave that too much thought as to why kids like to play marbles in the middle of the night; or why people moving furniture at 2am every morning. Well, those sounds were just child’s play until I heard this eerie melody during the bewitching hours:



“I’m waiting for your return… I’m waiting for your return…”


At first I just thought someone in the block play this oldie as he/she just couldn’t fall asleep and nothing strange thus far. At times it seemed that someone has sang the song at a far; while at times it seemed that the person just sang it beside my ears…


I did tried to trace the where about the song came from many times just to satisfy my curiosity, but after I managed to walk throughout the flat compound; I just couldn’t find the mysterious singer.


This was just one of those nights after my exam and after I had a late night supper with some friends, I went for a walk at the apartment’s playground. There were some benches for the residents to rest. There, I saw a girl sitting on a bench towards the southern end of the playground. At this time the familiar lyric started in the air:



“I’m waiting for your return… I’m waiting for your return…”


To tell you the truth, my curiosity overwhelmed my fear at that time. So, I approached the girl and to my surprised that she was Joanne! At that time, Joanne also noticed my presence and she gave me an eerie yet cold smile and said: “Let me sing a song for you…”


My respond was then: “Singing in the dead of the night? You must be kidding!”


Joanne didn’t answer me but her head just dropped and the familiar lyric was in the air again:



“I’m waiting for your return… I’m waiting for your return…”


Suddenly I realized that that was the lyric that has haunted me for months! Joanne sang with such a sad rhythm that the more she sang; the feeling of under siege by the lyric was so immense that a feeling of chill rose from my spine. My legs started to shiver vigorously. At the same time, the street light beside the bench was flickering profusely. It is only now that I realized Joanne was possessed!


I wanted to flee from the scene but my legs seemed to be glued onto the ground. So, I have no choice but raised my voice and asked Joanne:


“Who are you? Why do you possess my friend? Is there anything I can do for you?”


Joanne remained with her head dropped to her chest, said without looking at me:


“My name is Chui Lan, I stayed here with my husband during WWII. I was sick and my husband went to town to get some medicine for me but he never returned! There was nothing I could do with my fragile body but lying in my sickbed and sing the lyric repeatedly until today…


I couldn’t be reincarnated because I have missed the light. I will leave your friend alone if you promised to deliver me so that I can be reincarnated to be with my husband in my coming reincarnation... ”


I promised to bring the lady ghost Chui Lan to see a Tibetan lama in Tambun so that the spirit can be delivered before I leave Ipoh. After hearing my promise, Chui Lan leaved Joanne’s body and I could heard some yelling from afar:


“Liew, remember your promise!”


At the same time, Joanne was herself again and she was bewildered as why she was sitting in the bench and dozed off; I couldn’t tell her the truth, of course! My friends thought Joanne and I was having heart to heart talk, but I could only smile bitterly frankly speaking.

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