Sunday, February 16, 2014

Conversation With Spirits-In-The-Back (背后靈)

If you are a fan of cartoons, then you will definitely come across certain cartoon clips that shows a character facing difficult decision on ‘to-do or not to-do” evil deeds. An angle would appear on the left side and insist of “not to do” evil; while a devil would then appear on the right side to ask the character “to do”.


Well, that was with the Western world. In the East, old Chinese folks believe that there are spirits following a person when he/she is born. Those spirits may be from past lives: some wanting to repay karmic debt; while others wanted to redeem what the person owes them. Another version says that our ancestral spirits will also follow us around.


It is not difficult to detect their presence. We can occasionally feel the presence of these spirits as they may appear in our dreams, whisper at our ears, changing thoughts or even self-talk. The more powerful spirits can change our characters and interests. For example, how many times have you decided on having BBQ chicken and all of a sudden ordered a dish of spaghetti instead in a split second? We all have self-talk daily: Do we buy a car, or do we buy a house? The list just goes on and on…


There is an experiment that one can do to ‘talk’ with these spirits following us; provided that you’re not too scared to do this exercise and that your mental state should be stable. Having said so, let’s walk the talk:


Stage 1: Exploration


Below exercise enables anyone listen to what the spirits have to say.


·         This exercise should be performed at night, in a quiet room.

·         One should be seated in a straight back chair and breath calmly and one should not read any prayers, just sit quietly and listen.

·         After sitting quietly for 10 minutes, one may perceive thoughts, self-talk or even whisper near the ear.

·         Listen first on the messages and then reply with your thoughts.

·         When one is done, just thank the spirits, rub your hands and face and then drink a cup of warm water.


Stage 2: Purification


Having spirits with us may bring good or bad, but their influence us towards things they like and we won’t be our own master if we let such a condition persist. These spirits block our natural intuition and opportunities. So, how many times have we said to ourselves: If I have thought that earlier, I wouldn’t choose such an option!


It is easy to stop all those messages from the spirits, one only has to do the below on hearing a whisper or a self-talk. Say to the thought:


·         “I hear you.”

·         “I’m sorry.”

·         “Forgive me.”

·         “Thank you.”

·         “I love you.”


I can promise you that if you repeat the above 5 points, your self-talk will definitely reduces and your life will change. Having said so, you will feel that your life becomes so boring and wanting the ‘old feeling’ back. This is because the spirits already become part and parcel of our lives. Hence, the choice is still yours. I can see both the ‘angel’ and ‘devil’ appear on both sides now.

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