Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Old Chinese Ways To Attract Ghosts (招鬼法)

There are many ways to call our ghostly brothers and sisters. Below are just some in addition to the already posted.


Blowing flutes (吹簫)


In order to attract wandering ghosts, one only needs to go to wilderness or in the middle of cemetery to play a tune with a flute at mid night. Old folks believe the seemingly sad melody of the flute brings out the sad nostalgic memories of those wandering spirits. So these ghosts would congregate and listen. Then and again, please don’t try your luck whether you are good with flutes or otherwise; I wouldn’t want to be called in the middle of the nights.


Hanging bronze wind chime (卦風鈴)


Many people like to hang one or many bronze wind chimes on door brim as a wind chime produces melodious sound when blown by breezes. However some people are more prone to be disturbed by the sound of wind chimes causing nervous tension and sometimes hallucination.


In Feng Shui, a wind chime is used to neutralize the effect of star 5 and star 2. But if the areas are too dark with bad ventilation, then the sound of wind chime may attract the spirits instead.


In Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist rituals, the sound of a bronze bell is used to attract spirits. This sound is somehow similar to the sound of bronze wind chime so it is likely that the ghosts maybe attracted by this sound.


It is said that if a wind chime sounded by itself in the middle of the night; then chances are the spirits are playing with the wind chime.


Washing clothes (洗衣)


In old China, there is an unwritten rule: all clothing especially the underwear hung outdoor must be collected. The Sing-Ma Chinese believe that if the clothes are left hung overnight, a ‘penangal’ or flying head may pass over the clothing and its blood may drip onto the clothes. This blood is toxic and may cause skin disease. Well, this taboo is not observed anymore as modern folks can only wash clothes at night after returning from work.


My psychic eyes pal told me:


“I always see good brothers and sisters being sucked and attached onto clothes hanging outside at night. This is very strange indeed, ghosts would take a detour when approaching hanging clothes; especially the underwear. Sometimes, when the ghosts are not careful, they will be sucked onto the clothes… I think it is best to shake any clothes a few times before wearing them or the ghosts may possess the wearers’ bodies.”


Cold water & rice (冷水飯)


It is said that in old China, cold water mixed with rice was a prisoner’s last meal before beheading. So, if anyone prepared a bowl of cold water rice and put it outside of their houses; chances are that ghosts from yesteryears would come and enjoy the offering as this would remind them of sufferings when the ghosts were still alive.


One of my friends, Jessica's dog liked to bark at the corner of her house for no apparent reasons. I asked her to put a bowl of cold rice with water and put it at the corner. After a few offerings, Jessica’s dog doesn’t bark any more. I guessed the ghost has left the place after enjoying the meal.


The above methods doesn’t guarantee that you will see ghosts if you don’t possess psychic vision. If time permits, we shall look how to traditional ways to see ghosts.

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  1. Dear sir,
    With due respect,

    As they said,
    "If cant beat them, then join them!".

    Some people say, if there no need to scare of them, and if we could get their cooperation, then , why not?! [We cant kerjasama..or sama-sama cari makan...with them]
    They just wont go away, and we dont need to curse them away, and THEN why not, just lived together in harmony...
    If we live in enmity and acrimonious lose-lose situation, then all not well for both world, so to speak.

    I heard medium advised people to 'throw' sweets, or fatty raw meat at junctions at dusk, or any spooky area to please them...to please them, so they wont kacau us, or nice to us!!!..[since they need our offering, they will pleased with us!?]
    They wont go away, then why confront or chase them away with vicious backlash?!
    Or according to Buddhish sutra, just chant some beneficial mantras to soothe them, and they will befriend you...and help u too...
    Just my half cent opinion.

    I myself, have for years, just simply throw sweet and chant simple mantra to kerjasama with them, so far, everything is ok...
    And at my town, theres a restaurant, the boss, also a black 4 ekor boss, almost everyday, OPENLY at roadside across his shop,offer at the roadside with Carlsberg, Stout, foods fruit!!!