Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Story Of Demonic Phurpa

A vajrakilaya statue specially for subjugation ritual. Only those who have received empowerment are allowed to practise this particular ritual.

All ritual and religious objects should ideally be consecrated by gurus before being put to use. It is certainly far from ideal to worship any amulets, figurines or even ritual items in our houses as these items may be possessed by demonic spirits. The consequence can be pretty severe.


Let me tell you a story of my brother in dharma, Bro Tan.


Bro Tan is a senior disciple of my guru and he had travelled to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet in search of Tibetan ritual items such as phurpas, kapalas, damarus and kanglings. Even though Bro Tan has practised Tantric Buddhism for about 20 years, he hasn’t really progressed well. For once I asked him if he has actually ‘seen’ the deity Vajrakilaya with phurpa as his lower body; he just stared at me in blank.


It was indeed a surprise to see Bro Tan standing in front of my door in the middle of the night trembling with fear. So, I invited him to come in my apartment and gave him a cup of hot chocolate to calm him down. After a while, Bro Tan started to tell me his problems:


“It is with my wife! She wasn’t very proactive in her sex life since our marriage. We usually have sex once a week and since last week, she demanded to have sex thrice a night! I can only satisfy her for first few days but eventually I had to find an excuse to flee my house to sleep in a hotel.


Just now, I returned to my house and saw my wife was having sex with another man on a dining table. I was certainly furious but when I approached them, I got a fright… Hmm… should I say that it was a ‘creature’ instead of a ‘man’ as it has a dick of about 1ft in length and the diameter of a mug!! That wasn’t anything like human.


Apparently the creature has noticed me and it gave me a cold queer snare. All of a sudden that I felt my body was frozen solid and couldn’t move. That creature was dark blue in color, it had two horns on its head and its body was covered with long thick hair.


I was transfixed to see their sex act until the creature satisfied and disappeared in a white flash. And at this time, my wife regained her senses. She seemingly unknown or what had happened and she looked tired and lethargic. So, I left her alone in the house and come to see you.


I can’t consult Rinpoche as he is currently in retreat.”


After hearing what Bro Tan has to say, I let him spend a night at my guest room and promised to go to his house as soon as day breaks. At the mean time, I will need to carry out an investigation ritual to request for guidance from my lineage gurus. Fortunately, the respond I got was:


“Something Bro Tan brought from outside recently.”


So, I asked Bro Tan if he has got anything from outside first thing in the morning. Bro Tan gave it a thought and finally he nodded and said, “Yes. I got an antique phurpa from Nepal during my recent trip. I didn’t dare to tell Rinpoche as he would certainly scold me.”


Having a solution in mind, I grabbed a pair of phurpas and off we went to Bro Tan’s house as I know that it takes two phurpas to strike down a phurpa. One phurpa is for protection while the other is for offensive ritual. Both of the phurpas are used to generate the mandala of phurpa for subjugation ritual.


At Bro Tan’s place, I did a phurpa ritual to evoke the spirit in Bro Tan’s phurpa and subsequently performed deliverance by slaughter ritual to send the consciousness of the demon away to pure land. After that, Bro Tan’s phurpa is consecrated with my phurpa pairs.


Before I left Bro Tan’s place, I asked him:


“I thought you have practised Vajrakilaya for 20 years?”


He shrugged and said:


“I was just too frightened!”

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