Monday, February 10, 2014

Mao Shan Ghost Magic Duel (茅山養鬼斗法)

Mao Shan magic was once the most feared Taoist magic of olden days in Southeast Asia. The reason is that unlike other systems, Mao Shan magic can attack without provoked. This type of magic doesn’t conjure; but drive various spirits to achieve the practitioner’s goals. Spirits employed by Mao Shan magic are mainly: spirit of untimely dead especially those who died of violent deaths. Other form of spirits comprise of snake, tiger, chicken, monkey, 5 ghosts and etc.


The below incident occurred some 20 years ago to Mr. Chong in Klang, Selangor. Malaysian would know that Klang is famous of its “Bak Kut Teh” (肉骨茶). To the uninitiated, “Bak Kut Teh” refers to a dish cooked with herbs, swine meat and organs. Now days, we can buy the ingredients to prepare this delicacies ourselves in supermarkets.


Old Mr. Chong was a well to do businessman, he has 4 sons and 1 daughter who is also married. Only the 2nd son and the youngest son stayed with Mr. Chong and take care of the business. No major issues happened to Mr. Chong’s family so far.


Unfortunate incidents started to happen to Mr. Chong within a year’s period. First was Mr. Chong’s 2nd son who died while ascending the shop’s staircase. After that the shop business started to go down the hills until at the verge of bankruptcy. Three months later, Mr. Chong’s youngest son also died while sleeping.


After some considerations, Mr. Chong figured that those mishaps weren’t close to coincidence; finally he went to Singapore to consult an Arjan. But the Arjan wanted a payment of around SGD10,000. The sum was out of Mr. Chong’s ability at that time. So Mr. Chong had to find cheaper local alternatives but sadly no parties were able or willing to help until he came to my Mao Shan master who was staying in Kajang. Coincidentally, I was with my master at that time and that’s how I learnt about Mr. Chong’s case.


My master and I arrived at Mr. Chong’s shop at around 10am the next day. After scanning around the “Bak Kut Teh” shop for a while, my master asked Mr. Chong if he has any enemies across the road. Mr. Chong replied none, but Mr. Chong’s 3rd son suddenly interfered and said to his father: “Could it be Mr. Lee?”


After being reminded by his son, Mr. Chong strokes his nape and replied: “Haiya! I almost forgot. Indeed Mr. Lee opens his Bak Kut Teh business right opposite our shop about 3 years back but his business was never good. Infect Mr. Lee has forced me by hook or by crook to end my business…”


My master nodded and said, “Indeed. Your shop is being cursed since 3 years back! And that your sons’ souls are still locked inside the shop too with many good brothers!”


On hearing the replied, Mr. Chong suddenly burst into tears and kneeled down and bagged my master to help. I quickly pulled old Mr. Chong up and my master agreed to give Mr. Chong a helping hand and he said: “I don’t like people playing dirty tricks to get business gains!”


My master asked me to give Mr. Chong some talismans and get all personal particulars from him so that we can perform a counter offensive ritual when we return to our altar. Before we left Mr. Chong’s place, my master asked Mr. Chong to observe Mr. Lee for a few days and that we will return a week later.


Back at my master’s altar, we started to drive the 5 legionnaire armies to send all of the spooks that Mr. Lee has locked inside Mr. Chong’s shop. There were around 300 spooks sent back at one time back to Mr. Lee that night. After the ritual, my master asked me to use the Tibetan deliverance ritual to send off Mr. Chong’s two sons and I complied.


A week later, Mr. Lee came to my master with some presents and he said happily to us: “Starting on that night, I heard terrifying vomiting noise from Mr. Lee’s place and the situation continued for a week or so. Now that Mr. Lee is hospitalized due to stomach upset! Would he recover soon?”


My master replied that he has sent around 2000 spooks back to Mr. Lee, unless he can swallow all the spooks; Mr. Lee may die and no one can help Mr. Lee now. On hearing my master’s comment, Mr. Chong gave him a smile and invited us to have a Bak Kut Teh feast at his shop.


As far as I know, Mr. Chong’s business has been booming ever since and they have opened up a new branch too. People would remember Mr. Chong’s delicious Bak Kut Teh but only insiders know the story behind it.



  1. Dear Sir,
    With due respect,
    Apart from bad business, and ..death[!],
    What are the sign, that a premise being
    1]Cursed by magic.
    2]or 'trapped' by too many GB?!

    1. Hi,

      Basically there are no specific signs:

      1. Curse by magic:
      - Bad lucks, accidents, injuries, bad health etc.

      2. Too many GB:
      - Headache, bad dreams, people whispering, hag ride, bad health etc.