Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dummy’s Guide To Flying Star (飛星簡介)

A traditional Feng Shui compass is a must for a serious practitioner.
Many people expressed their intention to learn Flying Star Feng Shui (FSFS) from me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to explain each and every concept on FSFS to those who are interested; unless people are willing to come and stay with me for 3~5 years.


So, I have devised a very simple FS chart for everyone to play about in 2014 and the 8th period. But there are some points to watch out:


·         The Chinese call a compass as “needle that points to the south” (指南針) so the upside is always the South. This is contrary to the Western compass.

·         FS is based on I Ching, so in order to understand FS; one must familiar with I Ching or the person may not read between the lines.


How to use:


Let’s take the Southwest part for example:


Now, the Southwest part has 4 as the base position by default. In the 8th period (2004-2023) the star 7 falls at this location; added to that in 2014, the star 3 also joins the crowd.


So we have 4-7-3 at the Southwest corner. This gives us wood-metal-wood, i.e. conflicts. If you know I Ching, then you will understand that it is: elder woman in conflicts with younger woman over elderly man. So, this is perhaps indication of an incoming external ‘affair’ and since metal-wood conflict, there may be injuries.


Of course, FS is certainly more than what I have mentioned. But with those basic concepts, anyone can do predictions on his/her own and you may be surprised by the accuracy of this type of prediction without going into full fledge FS calculations.



  1. Dear Sir,
    With due respect.
    Based on the charts,
    Then the best position =North.
    as the North has good number=1,9,4...'water'.

    So, does this mean my house window which sit on and facing the north, is best for an aquarium? [But then again my house is a 7th period house]
    What u think?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. In your case, as it is a 7th period house, the 3 will be in the North. So you will have 1,9,3; you still can put a small aquarium for the 8th period. The effect is that the middle male will be cleaver.

  2. Dear sir,
    With due respect,
    Thanks for your reply,
    My house is 7th period,
    then which part should I
    placed the aquarium, for..ahem...wealth???
    Thanks,..your advice much appreciated..!,

    1. U can put the aquarium at the centre, east or northeast of your house. The size of aquarium must suit the size of your house too. Anything too big is not good.