Monday, February 3, 2014

The Revenge Of Serpent Spirit

Local Chinese believe that snakes are spiritual beings and they will seek their revenge on those who harmed them. So, it is either one kills the snake; or just leaves this creature alone. Many of us who stay in cities may not come across these reptiles, but those who engage in agriculture activities will have many opportunities to come face to face with snakes.


Mr. Pang owns a medium size pig farm in Southern Perak that houses around 150 pigs of all sizes. His main business is to supply small piglets to local restraints. Needless to say, Mr. Pang’s business is always good as the demand is always more than what he could supply.


However, about 6 months ago, Mr. Pang’s sow (母豬) started to experience miscarriage collectively. Since Mr. Pang wasn’t a superstitious person as he is a graduate from a renowned Taiwanese agricultural university. So, he has carried out many experiments including sending his sows out to other farms to reproduce. The strange thing was that all the sows were producing okay in other farms. Once those sows were transferred back to Mr. Pang’s farm; miscarriages occurred almost immediately.


 Mr. Pang did turn to spirit mediums to carry out some Taoist rituals but the ritual had caused a fire incident that almost burnt down his farm. Somehow, Mr. Pang got hold of my number and gave me a call. I wanted to decline Mr. Pang’s request at first as I have no clue on his problem and I didn’t have the intention to carry out a wild goose chase.  Somehow, an image of a black cobra flashed into my mind. So, I asked Mr. Pang if he has come in contact or killed any snakes in his farm lately.


Since Mr. Pang has no knowledge at that time, he promised to check out with his workers and call me again. About a day later, I received a call from Mr. Pang again and he admitted that his worker has killed a cobra about 6 months ago. The carcass was thrown into a small pond nearby.


After listening to Mr. Pang’s story, I promised to drop by his farm a week later.


To cut long story short, I arrived at Mr. Pang’s farm in the morning and greeted by the boss himself. He gave me a guided tour round and about the farm and finally leaded me to the pond. Now that every pair of eyes had fallen onto me hoping for some miracles, I started to order things around.


First, I asked Mr. Pang to burn some joss sticks and plug the joss sticks from the bank of the pond to a Datuk Kong’s shrine nearby. Inside the shrine, I add a wooden tablet with inscription: “snake god”.


Once the setup is ready, I started to evoke the 12 snake ngai gods to witness the ritual and asked the snake spirit to possess the tablet. After that, I told Mr. Pang to make offering to the snake spirit at least once a month and his problem would be gone in a jiffy.


I received a hamper on Chinese New Year eve, as I was about to return to my hometown. There was a card on the hamper stating: “Thank you.” So, I toke it that Mr. Pang’s problem is over.



  1. Dear Sir,
    With due respect,
    More than 20 years ago...., one day a snake hide in my shop, which I can heard produce loud fierce hissing sound, out of fear, I agreed to, let, one of my young staff to kill it and he threw it into paya and later told me it a huge cobra with white marking on the back of it's head!
    I later asked an Indian Sami, who told me it's a Datuk snake, and I should not kill it, instead burn some joss stick, and it will go away....and he splash some cow's urine around my shop.
    Needless to say, my business closed down long afterward with no business.
    And.....a few year later, I heard that the young staff die in weird road accident!!...a vehicle rammed into his motor and he was thrown and drown in a huge paya!!!!
    For the next few year I suffer failures in every venture and lost my fortune too...
    Then I remember the incident and pray around a few Indian temple, to the Snake god....asking for forgiveness.
    I dont know whether the snake had forgive me, but I just do okay today, just enough to eat nowadays..though I set my ambition very high...sigh!
    What u think sir???

    1. If you have eye, heart and nerve problems, then the snake spirit is still with you. The snake spirit will attack one's centre nerve system and at times cause fire incidents too.

  2. Dear Sir,
    With due respect,
    Since I dont have eye, heart and nerve problems, and fire incidents.
    I think all is over!
    Thanks Sir.