Saturday, February 8, 2014

There Is Something At His Back

It is interesting to have a conversation with people who has psychic eyes (陰陽眼). Robert is just one of few people who possess this type of ability and we struck a very interesting conversation when I visited him in Sungai Siput, a small town near Ipoh.


You know, old folks believe that there are spirits following each of us. The problem is whether one aware their presence or not. There are spirits wanted to seek revenge and on the other hand, there are spirits wanted to pay karmic debt; only people like me knows this secret.  


“How do you tell if a doctor is good or otherwise?” Robert suddenly asked me this question.


Naturally my reply was: “I don’t know. Tell me about it.”


“Well, I can talk to ghosts. An interesting thing I found out is that people in certain professions attracts spirits. These spirits follow this person closely at his/her back. Amongst all professions, doctors have the most followers; especially those famous doctors.” Robert continued.


“One day, I visited a friend of mine after his heart operation in a famous hospital in Ipoh. The hospital is a hectic place with nurses, doctors, patients and visitors walking past me.”


“Oh, I saw Dr. Wong with 5 good brothers… Dr. Low with 15 good brothers… Dr. Muthu with 10 good brothers and the list just go on and on. It seemed to me that there were at least 5 to 6 good brothers following a good doctor. And finally, I saw Dr. Vincent with only 1 good brother at his back.


So I walk at the doctor’s back and strike a conversation with the good brother behind Dr. Vincent: “Hey, greetings to you my good brother!”


The good brother replied, “Greeting in return! Mortal.”


“Dr. Vincent must be a damn good doctor as I see only you is following him around eh?” I asked the good brother with my mind.


“What the fxxk! Dr. Vincent just started his round a few hours ago and I was his first patient!!”



  1. Dear sir,
    With due respect,
    Thats very interesting story,
    I understand, that many person has a certain karmatic GB or datuk or deities' soldiers, following them everywhere!
    Making them rich, or breaking them poor!

    I also being told by medium [hen I ask], that a certain x following me.

    On the other day, I read that, when a person chant a certain mantra on a fistful of soil [according to a certain Buddish sutra] and throw at the revengeful follower, then they will vanish to the other side, or if done 'properly', then beneficial good follower will follow him!
    What u think?

    1. I do believe that everyone has some 'followers' to help or to harm the person.

      Chanting mantra on a fistful of soil and throw it to enemies is not limited to Buddhist, the Hikmah practitioners have these type of practices too.

      But the mantra is mainly to block the enemies from chasing, or some even say that the soil can turn to soldiers to destroy enemies. But I am more reserve in this case.

  2. Dear Sir,
    With due respect.
    U said:"Chanting mantra on a fistful of soil and throw it to enemies is not limited to Buddhist, the Hikmah practitioners have these type of practices too"

    I think many people "intrigue" with these followers...
    Which, or rather, do these "fistful soil mantra" effective? Do u have any advice/mantra, as to have beneficial helpful followers?...Or how to send the bad away?!

    1. Hi,

      I think the mantras are not effective. Some of the mantras are for thieves to make ppl sleep.

      Chanting mantras alone will not help as we will need to perform a complete ritual. These rituals are normally long winded.