Saturday, February 22, 2014

Taboo On Entering A Tunnel

It is an unwritten urban taboo that whenever one drives through a tunnel at night, one should keep his/her mouth shut. This is especially true for those who are having bad lucks or sick. People believe that there are many spirits wondering about the tunnel and if anyone say things they shouldn’t have spoken; these good brothers and sisters will possess the unlucky ones.


Penang folks must know that there is a tunnel near Green Lane that is pretty much haunted as there were many serious car accidents that happened during the bewitching hours, i.e. between 12 midnight to 4am.


Kenny was my colleague in a MNC in Penang and he told me about his true experience with this haunted tunnel. Now, Kenny was staying in Fatty’s Park in Tanjung Bunga and the MNC where we all worked in is situated in Bayan Lepas. Everyone knows that it takes hours if one is to go from Bayan Lepas to Tanjung Bunga during peak hours during working days. In fact, it is better to travel at off peaks to Tanjung Bunga as it would only take around 45 minutes or so.


So, Kenny would rather spend time moving about after work and only to return home after 9pm. Well, that was normal working days; Kenny would stay back and only to return way past midnight especially on Fridays. Those city folks would understand what I meant.


The fact is that Kenny was a Casanova; he seldom drive alone and he always accompanied by a few female colleagues after work to disco, night clubs and bar hopping. To make long story short, this was just any other Friday night and Kenny was about to drive through the Green Lane tunnel with his lady friends.


Before entering the tunnel, Kenny suddenly open his mouth and warned his female counterparts: “No one should open the mouth on entering the tunnel!”


Well, since Kenny was a joker; no one really treated him seriously. Amongst the ladies, Catherine who was sitting in the front seat suddenly lean against Kenny and said: “Oh~ I’m Soooo scared!”


At this time, another finance lady Joan interrupted: “Oh, yeah! I see a beautiful ghost cuddling against Kenny! Hahaha!”


Kenny seconded and said: “Ah! Now I see her! She is sitting just beside me! I am feeling sooo warm. Hahaha!”


As soon as Kenny has finished his sentence, everyone felt a cold breeze entered the car and there was a presence as the pressure in the car suddenly increased. That was indeed a very strange undesirable feeling.


Now that the car has safely arrived back at the company car park; the group dispersed.


On the next Monday when the office reopened; Kenny was absent. The reason was that Kenny had an accident on his way back to Fatty’s Park. A truck suddenly appeared from nowhere and rammed into the back of Kenny’s car while he was entering the tunnel.


According to Kenny, even after months later that he has this headache and occasionally momentarily loss of memory. According to a Taoist, Kenny’s soul was lost during the last impact and it would be difficult to recall his soul because a lady ghost has caught hold of it.


Well, as a bystander, there was nothing I could do but to advise everyone to stop talking on entering any tunnels; especially at night. My take is: try if you dare… Hahaha!


  1. What a coincidence...I used to stay in Fettes Park too and my parents are still there! Is this Kenny guy slightly dark skinned and quite handsome? Hope he is alright now.

    1. Hahaha... I'll let u figure it out.

      For Kenny's privacy u know ;-)