Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lupan Releasing Sha Spell (魯班放煞)

Releasing ‘sha’ is an aggressive spell to make your opponent suffering body pain in such a way that as if his or her body or bone is disintegrated. This person will feel his bone being pulled by many horses and cow from all direction.


First one must memorize the above ‘yant’ or ‘fu’ by heart; not forgetting the below mantra:




(The queen of West has three boots, they are being sent down by a fairy from the nine heavens; she then strikes the heron forcefully in the moon, hence making all your bone and joints disintegrated.)


Now the practitioner must go out of  his or her house after 9pm facing west and draw the ‘fu’ 49 times every night for 49 consecutive nights. Be careful as not to practise this spell in your house as this will attract ‘sha’ or bad energy into your house and this may harm your family member and I don’t want to be responsible for what you did.


It is easy to cast this spell: you only need to draw the ‘fu’ in your left palm with your finger and then approach you target in the back. When you feel that you are close enough to the person, release your palm and say, “go!” or “!” Or you may simply pad your opponent’s shoulder lightly.


If your power is strong enough, the target will feel lethargic and body pain in a couple of hours’ time. His or her body will show signs of dark green spots and if not treated in 100 days’ time, weak ones may die.


You must be very careful with casting this spell for if your opponent is stronger than you; then you will have to face the music yourself! So don’t play with fire without a master around, you are so warned.


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