Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Story Of Late Ms Chen

Over the years, many Hong Kong and Taiwanese movie stars are firm believers of Phra Phrom, White Dragon King, black and ghost magic. It is no surprise that While Phra Phorm and White Dragon King have many believers as they grant all wishes and lead believers to do merit; but many artists still prefer to temper with darker side of Thai magic or being cursed by black magic.


The below is an old but true story about a movie star, the late Ms Chen translated from intranet source:


A famous Hong Kong and Taiwan adult movie star Ms Chen committed suicide by jumping down from a building on 31st of July, 2002. According to her close friend, Ms Chan has consulted an Arjarn in Thailand to ‘lock’ the heart of her lover.


Ms Chen was said to have an intimate relationship with Mr. Wong who is a famous character in Taiwan share market. Rumor has it that after their relationship turned sour, Ms Chen became Ms Blur. Not only of her weird behaviors, taking pills and even keeping spirits (養鬼仔).


As recalled by the late Ms Chen’s friend who remained to be anonymous, the late Ms Chen was quite frequent to an isolated island in Thailand to consult a black shirt arjarn. Nobody knew what transpired between Ms Chen and the arjarn as it was believed that the conversations between Ms Chen and the arjarn must be kept in secrecy or the magic will not work.


One week before late Ms Chen committed suicide, she still sought company to Thailand to consult the arjarn in the final hope to recall her boy friend. Apparently the arjarn’s spell didn’t work; instead caused Ms Chen to jump down a building in a state of confused mind.


There were many hypotheses concerning the death of Ms Chen, some people attributed to Ms Chen’s ending due to hallucination and some people believed it was due to the working of black magic. I will let you decide which is true.


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