Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Secret Of Dense Bamboo (Buluh Tumpat)

There is a lot of information about buluh tumpat in the net.
Dense bamboo is a type of bamboo with solid stem compared to the hollow stem of ordinary bamboo. This type of bamboo can be found in Malaysian jungle. Scientifically it is known as Gigantochloa Ligulata. This type of bamboo is believed to have mysterious power for personal protection especially in the jungle.


Believers also say that not only a dense bamboo is good for personal protection; it can be used to suck out poison injected by animals and insects. A dense bamboo is also used to cure ‘santau’ as this type of black magic uses the hair of ordinary bamboo as medium. It is also believed that no poisonous creature dares to approach the person if he or she wears a section of solid bamboo as an amulet.


On the other hand, dense bamboo is just like any other bamboo and can be used for many mundane applications such as furniture production, prayer beads, agricultural plant supports, traditional toys etc.

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