Monday, June 3, 2013

Ah Hem … I have Sore Throat!!

According to traditional chinese medicine (TCM) and Islamic herbal medicine, the main cause for sore throat is ‘upwards hot wind’ (上火) in our body caused by lack of rest coupled by not drinking enough fluid. In this situation if one is not careful with his or her food preference and consume hot based food such as curry or chillies; then sore throat entails almost immediately.


Traditionally there are many formulas to tackle sore throat:


First, the herbal tea formulas:


1.      Chrysanthemum, mulberry, licorice and honeysuckle. (菊花,桑葉,甘草,金銀花。)

2.      Licorice, honeysuckle, Scrophulariaceae, bellflower, Boat-fruited Sterculia seeds. (甘草,金銀花,玄參,桔梗,胖大海)


Get either formula 1 or 2, then boil the herbs and drink the tea twice or thrice a day; or until the throat sores no more.


Second, the ‘draw blood’ therapy: take a clean needle and poke onto the top tips of both sides of the ear and squeeze some blood out.


Third, do a simple rotating of the head exercise: 30 times clockwise and anti-clockwise. Do this exercise once in the morning and once at night.


Fourth, perform a Hatha Yoga breathing technique contributed by Weird-English-Writer. In his own words:


“About the sore throat…


Many years ago, I read an article in local newspaper, of a breathing exercise by Indian Yoga, which is really effective! and my family never suffer sore throat since!

When u feel uneasy with your throat...


1. Make your lips as if u are whistling.

2. Stick out your tongue out, sides of the tongue will curve up around the lips.

3. Breathe slowly and deeply, with your mouth slowly, for 20 to 30 times. U will feel cooling sensation around the throat....and the sore throat will cured in time. Make this a few time a day... or if u won’t like curve up the tongue, just stick out the tongue as far possible [like dog] and breathe slowly and deeply with your mouth. it is just as effective!


Hope this help with sore throat sufferer.”


First and foremost, consult your doctor and get some modern treatment. This is especially true if you are a 9 to 5 worker; at least get a M.C. and rest first!




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