Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Curse Of The ‘Heavenly Hole’ (天坑鎮)

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The curse of the ‘hole’ is one of the Lu Pan Sorcery spell (魯班術) once very popular amongst the old artisans in China and Vietnam. It is very easy for a person to cast this spell, more so if this person is an artisan employed to carry out the renovation of a house.


First, the person who wants to cast this spell must dig a hole in front of the target’s main door; or on the road that the person will be passing daily. After that, this person must get 9 pieces of yellow paper and write the target’s name on each piece of paper. Then he will also need to get hold a ceramic bowl and inscribe the ‘five thunder talisman’ with cinnabar in the bowl.


Now the 9 pieces of yellow papers are stacked together and put into the hole with the name face up and the ceramic bowl is cupped over the paper and then a piece of brick or stone inscribed with ‘Tai San’ talisman (泰山) will be put on top of the bowl. After that, the person will perform a round of soul catching incantations and then the whole assembly is buried.


The victim’s soul is said to be ‘sucked’ under the bowl and crushed by the Tai Mountain once he or she steps over the ritual implements. This person will fall sick and may die after 100 days if his or her soul fails to return to the body.


It is not difficult to release this curse, one only has to dig out the brick and the bowl and then burn off the 9 pieces of yellow paper inscribed with victim’s name. The difficult part is to get the culprit to admit his or her wrong doing and get him or she to pin point the exact location. So, older folks refrain from agitate the artisans during any construction work for fear of such black curses.

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