Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Love Of A Puppy

Below is a posting I would like to share from Mr. Ong regarding the affection of a puppy to its elder dog. I thank Mr. Ong for contributing this touching story.


Inspired by your latest post titled – Birds are spiritual beings. I have my share as below:


I watched a documentary about Buddhism on national TV2 during latest Wesak Day. A Tibetan monk said: All living things have feelings and emotions just like we do. Do not harm them, they could be our parents or loved ones in past lives.........


Back in 1990s, out of sympathy, I adopted a strayed puppy left by a PCO ( someone you called “ buang negeri” ) from Penang. He struggled hard to earn for a living, had no time to care for that puppy


There was an old female blind, ugly dog around our house. I refused, when a local officer from vet department asked me to destroy it. Somehow, it seemed very protective and acted like a mother to my puppy. All foods were let to puppy first, before she ate by itself.     


One day, I had a look when it cried out loud under a big tree, with bushes around. It could no more walking. My puppy guarded at “her” side, days and nights TILL it passed away. I buried it with a heavy heart and tearful eyes. I said Buddhist prayers, and asked “her” to return into my life in next incarnation. I expressed my thankfulness for caring my puppy all the way.


It was a clear, simplest, highly praised expression of “mother love” in animal kingdom. On the other hand, some mankinds are so cruel and heartless to their own babies. I learned a priceless lesson in my life!

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