Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grounding in SEA Magic (接地)

Electrical grounding is meant for draining off excessive electrical current from the network hence preventing property damage or injuries.

In Taoist standing meditation (站桩) practices, the Taoists' chi is said to be firmly planted into the ground. A seasoned practitioner can move his or her chi 3 feet into the ground and hence not even 10 people can not move this person.
Grounding in magical world has two purposes:
·         To drain off excessive or stagnant energy
·         To connect to the earth for power and invulnerability
The draining off excessive energy is generally practiced in Western Magic in order to center our emotions. The traditional healers of Southeast Asia will drain off contaminated energies from his or her body after ending a day’s healing session. This is particularly important to the masseur or any healers that need to have physical contacts with patients daily.
These methods are fairly simple: one has only need to rub his or her palms onto a tree trunk, swing the hands or bang the back against a wall accompanied by exhaling of breaths. The Yoga corpse position is another good way to drain off these waste energies. If a healer failed to perform the above simple grounding exercises, then he or she may suffer from ill health, heart disease, diabetes or even cancers in long run.
Another type of grounding in Southeast Asian magic practices is to gain magical power and invulnerability. The Filipino, Javanese, Thai and Malay magic practitioners need to come in contact with the mother earth every morning to maintain their invulnerabilities. For example old Javanese Silat exponents worship Dato Hitam (earth gnome) and as long as they are connected to the earth, they die hard. My branch of Thai magic requires me to perform a grounding ritual by touching the ground and then lead the earth energy all over my body and then call Mae Thorani (earth goddess) for power and protection.
On the other hand, the Taoist or Kung Fu standing meditation practices require a martial art exponent to be able to channel his or her chi at least 3 feet into the ground so that any opponent’s attack can be neutralized easily. Without accomplishing the practice of grounding, the practitioner is said to be ‘dancing’ for entertainment. I think you got the idea.

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