Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Mysterious Lushan Magic (廬山法)

Lushan (廬山) is said to be one of the famous mountain in China located in the northern part of Jiangxi province (江西). Not many people realize that there is a rarely known magical system being practiced here.


Personally I would call this system “Taoist mountainous school” because the practitioners will need to call upon all 5 mountain gods to bestow them power. All the complete mountain gods are:


·         Lu ()

·          Lee ()

·         Xiao ()

·         Jin ()

·         Fo ()


Their corresponding mountains are:


·         In the center is Lushan (廬山)

·         In the west is Caoyanshan (曹巖)

·         In the north is Fenglaishan (逢萊山)

·         In the south is Kunlunshan (昆侖山)

·         In the east is Wudangshan(武當山)


The Lushan magic is as with all other Taoist and Lupan magic systems, comprises of many rituals: there are magic for attacking opponents, for healing and for exorcism. The practitioners of this system will need to perform a simple ritual to invite the five mountain gods to bestow power. Ideally it is best to carry out this exercise on a mountain top but I guess we can visualize that we are standing on top of Lushan and recite the below mantra once for each five directions:





(The elder learnt magic at Zhongnan Mountain, listen to me thou all four mountains;

I invite gods to descend from the heaven, whole heartedly I fetch them down the mountains.)


The practitioners should blow a breath onto their palms after one recitation and wipe down from heads to toe signifying that the power of gods descend from heaven to earth. This is quite different with the Thai and Malay magic where the energy of the earth is lead from the earth into the practitioners’ body. If one is persistent and continue the practice for 100 days, he or she will be ready for the more advance magical practices. Otherwise this person will still feel energetic and refreshing hence improving his or her own health.


I think the Lushan magic has a very close link with the Yao, Lupan and the Vietnamese Ngai magic but will need to perform further research.

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