Monday, June 17, 2013

By The Power Of Spirits

This is a real case but due to its sensitivity, I have altered many details as this is a tragedy and happened fairly recently; but the story is real let me assure you.


I received a call from a friend at around 9am whose relative was said to be ‘missing’ from his trip back. He would arrive at the house around 8pm daily, but now news since they last heard of him and he cannot be contacted.


It happened that there was an unforeseen incident on this gentleman’s usual route: a section of the building collapsed; damaging and covered a section of the main road below it. Search and rescue team were put to task but after about 3 days’ digging they announced that there were no more casualties than the previously reported. So this guy is classified as a missing person.


Now, come back to our story. I was required to dispatch my spirits to ‘call back’ this person wherever he was… Viewing the incident as serious, I obliged and asked for the person’s name and birth timing.


At around 4pm of the same day, I received another call from my pal, according to him; the rescue team had dug out a car chassis plate indicating that the car belonged to the missing person. They had feared for the worse. Sad to say, the digging work had to stop after the team found part of the flattened car and tires due to the fear of affecting the structure of the building in the surrounding. The body had never been found as there were heavy rains and sewerage water flowing non-stop.


The believer said that the Thai mountainous spirits are very powerful as they lead to the recovery of the smashed car. But I just recorded this incident down in my magic diary and share with you.


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  1. Dear sir,
    with due respect,
    This very unfortunate sad incident have make many wonder, that now the body is still below the road!, and every day thousand vehicles will travel above , and... what the people need to do about this, knowing a dead body underneath? How about the spirit? Will it wander around the vicinity?