Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beware Of Fox Spirit Possession!

Fortunately, there are NO foxes in SEA...
Fox spirits were very much feared of in old China and Japan. While originally fox spirits were worshipped together with the snake and weasel spirits mainly in the northern part of mainland China; due to the popular believe that fox spirits can enhance the attractiveness of a person, fox spirits are now worshipped mainly amongst the Chinese communities around the world. Many Hong Kong and Taiwanese actresses are said to be the patron of these fox spirits.


I am not going to encourage the worships of fox spirits as they are still wild animals with much inherited sense of hatred. As with other wild spirits such that of the tree spirits or wandering spirits; a lay person may not detect himself or her is being intruded by these spirits until it is already too late. So what are the signs and symptoms of fox spirit intrusion?


Below is the characteristic of fox spirit possession:


·         The victim will be extremely timid and afraid to do almost everything.

·         The victim always in a shock condition and easily panic.

·         The person dare not go out at night.

·         The person likes to stay in silent and do not like to engage in conversations.

·         The person would have glassy eyes and like to stare straight at people.


It is said that a person whose wrist bones are not noticeable is very prone to fox spirit possession. If it is determined that it is indeed the working of a fox spirits, a Taoist can use the 5 Thunder Rituals or burn some amulets for the victim to drink.


Fortunately, there are no foxes around in Southeast Asia, so folks over here need not worry about these animal spirits… In any case, as I am writing this posting, the outside temperature is 910F! A fox would be stuffed to death in the hot tropic climate.

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