Monday, June 3, 2013

Moon Worship Of Foxes (拜月煉形)

A photo from "Fox Immortal Of Heavenly Gate" (天门狐仙)

Foxes are thought to be the most cunning animal and fox spirits were very much feared for in many parts of Northeastern parts of old China. Many of the Taoist magic practices are said to be related to fox spirits. In fact, fox spirit is worshipped as “the one who watch over the seal”.


It is said that a fox has to practise for 200 years before it can take the shape of a human. An ordinary fox spirit can live up to 400 years; whatever lives beyond that can be considered as fox immortals and possesses 9 tails… according to folk tales of course.


The Taoist believes that in order for a fox to be able to take the shape of a human, it must undergo some meditative practices to absorb the energy of the moon. Although the method is for foxes, Taoist copied it to supplement and empower magic rituals. The method would be as follows:


First, go out to an open field, best if it is at a hill top at midnight. Sit, squat or stand as you feel comfortable. Raise both of your hands on top of your head in a prayer’s gesture and now stare at the moon with the intention of in taking its energy. Hold this position for about 5 minutes or so.


After that, imagine that you are sucking the moon’s energy with the tip of your tongue. Think that the moon energy forms a golden ball on your tongue. Once you are firmed with your visualization, swallow this golden ball into your stomach or more precisely the ‘dantian’ position.


Now you must meditate for as long as you visualizing the ball of golden energy grow and glow in the dantian. Once you are comfortable, circulate this golden ball all over your body and you should feel extremely relax.


The moon energy can only be absorbed one day before, on the full moon and one day after the full moon. It is not advisable to take in moon energy after that as its energy has already weakened.


Once the golden ball of energy is formed, then you must guard it well as other spiritual entity will try to steal it to increase its spiritual power. Once this energy ball is lost, it is believed that a spiritual being such as a fox spirit may die.



  1. Now for a fox taking in the moon energy would assist them in taking human form. As a human what do the Taoists gain by doing this?

    1. Hmmm... become foxes & live for 400 years!! Hahaha...

  2. How do these foxes (or weasels & snakes) become spirits?
    I can understand a tree becoming a spirit as they live a long life & can develop… but what about foxes/weasels?
    Are they dead foxes? Or alive?
    Just curious.
    Thank you for writing this fascinating blog.
    Harih OM

    1. Basically this belief originated from North Eastern part of China. Foxes, weasels and snakes are said to be more spiritual than oridnary animals. The foxes/weasel/snake must be alive in order to practise meditation: i.e. by absorbing moon energy on full moon night and transform into spiritual kind of creature. After that they are said to be capable of taking human shape and live for 500 years. The Japanese believe a 500 year old fox spirit possesses 9 tails.

      Thx for visiting.


  3. Lots of Chinese people said they had seen weasels worshipping moon. They are very smart animals. They even understand human language. They like imitating human.