Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Curse Of A Fire Ghost

A ‘fire ghost’ is as its name implies; is the spirit of a person who died in a fire incident. Recall that spirits of persons who died with untimely death are the fondest of spirits employed by black magicians of Thai magic.


To employ these types of spirits, the master must first find the where about of these spirits are. Normally burnt down buildings or vehicles would be the best source for fire ghosts. With or without a name, the master would first go to the intended site, collect a piece of charred wood and recite a mantra to call the spirits: “Sat tow, tham mo san ka tow sow tow, wa jear peark lang tii.” When the spirits are deemed to answer to the conjuration, the master will bring the wood back for further ritual processing.


In the altar, the master will make a wax doll of his target and tie the doll onto the charred wood with strings of 5 colors. Then a fire ghost yant is drawn to compel the spirit to attack the target. After that, the master would first recite a mantra to weaken the soul of that particular person. Only then the spirit is sent with further mantra recitations.


Normally such ritual would last for 7 to 49 days depending on the condition of the intended victim. On the last day, the wax doll bounded to the charred wood will be thrown into a bonfire to signify that the victim will also die of fire related incidents within 100 days.


As far as I know, there is no effective remedy for such a black curse so far. Perhaps there are more capable masters around; until then, I would leave it to the more capable hands.


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