Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The 1000 Pound Press Spell (千斤榨)

We probably understand the literal meaning of “1000 pound press” spell. There are many versions of such spells in various Taoist and Lu Pan Tradition. It has some similarities with the “ninja’s art of transfix”.


Basically this is yet another spell from Lu Pan magic system to ‘teat’ our opponent. This spell can kill a person or any living beings. Some people link this spell to the spell of transfixes. Well, they are not wrong either because once this spell is cast; the victim will feel as if a 1000 pound weight is being put onto his or her body and he or she will have difficulty to move or being carried by others.


The victim of this spell will fall sick in short term. However, this person may die if untreated after 100 days. Hence, magic exponents always advise the new comers to exercise caution when using this spell on others.


It is not difficult to cast this spell but you must get close to the person; say around within 8 feet range. One only needs to draw Fu with his or her sword mudra while reciting the below mantra:

靈官咒, 靈官法,靈官使起泰山榨,給你上起千斤法,榨你頭,榨你腰,榨你血水順河漂。抬不起頭,撐不起腰,七柱明香把你燒。千人抬不起,萬人拉不起,吾奉太上老君急急如律令。


(I call the mantra and spell of spirit minister to use Tai Shan press. I am putting a thousand pound spell to crush your head and your waist until your blood flows like a river. You cannot lift your head or your waist. I use 7 pieces of joss sticks to burn you. Not even 1000 people can lift you or 10000 people can pull you up. I cast this spell according to the order of Tai Shang Lao Jun.)


To uncast the spell, recite the below mantra while drawing the below Fu:


(I call the master of 9 oxen to lift this spell. The 9 Yin oxen and the 9 Yang oxen hasten. If the spell is still not lifted, let the 9 oxen lift my spell. I cast this spell according to the order of Tai Shang Lao Jun.)

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