Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Mary!

My ghost busting toolkit at a glance.
My friend’s sister-in-law Jane can see spirits but this ability wasn’t appreciated by her hubby and family members. Jane’s family was freaking out when Jane started to invite a little girl spirit called Mary into their house. As I heard that it was up to such a stage that Jane would teach Mary to sing and sleep together. They have tried many methods to get rid of the spirit but of no avail; so I was called in as a last resort before they are selling their house.


It was a Friday evening when my friend and I arrived at Jane’s place. After listening to Jane’s story, I told her that the kid spirit would follow her to anywhere even after she has sold the house. Then I pulled out my ‘ghost busting toolkit’ and managed to conjure Mary’s spirit to the little coffin by burning some talismans. When the spirit was approaching, I quickly bind it into the small piece of wood and finally seal the coffin with another talisman as illustrated above.


Now what I need to do is either to deliver Mary’s spirit to ‘other side’, release it in the jungle or sell it to the one who want to keep it to cover my expenses. Before you ask the question if there is a market for ghosts, let me assure you that there is! No joking, don’t ask me why.


After I stepped out of Jane’s house, I pulled my friend aside and advise him to bring Jane to visit a psychiatrist just to check up. Well, the reason is: no ordinary person will invite a spirit into her house; more so to teach the spirit to sing. You probably got the idea ;-).


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