Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birds Are Spiritual Beings (靈鳥)

I believe that all birds have spiritual awareness to some extent. They tends to return to visit the place where people have saved them; not alone but in pairs or more.


This story goes back to about 25 years ago back in my Taiping old house, my mom used to plant many flowers and plants. As my house compound wasn’t so big, all of the plants are all pushed closed together forming a very good nesting place for the birds. The only predator around then was my neighbor’s cats.


So the story goes that there was a nest of unknown birds with two hatchlings on a young gardenia plant. Somehow the squeaking sound of these young birds attracted a cat. This cat wanted to have the fluffy fellows for lunch, so it climbed up the gardenia and tried to seize the birds.  Luckily the cunning fellows managed to escape the cat but as their wings weren’t fully developed, both of them dropped down on to the floor.


The luck was on the biddies’ side as my late father was so happened to be in the living room and he heard the commotion. He quickly chased away the cat and put the birds back to the nest. My father figured that the location of the nest wasn’t safe; he transferred the net into an orchid pot and hung it on the car porch ceiling. We forgot about the incidents until about 3 months later, we were visited by 3 birds of similar kind and then the number increased to 5 and 7. The visitations continued for many years until my father passed away.


Similar incident happened to me about a month ago in Penang. A bird dropped in front of me in my balcony. Not so long after that, it brought a partner for a visit. Now it becomes a pair of birds. I can’t remember how many times this wonderful pair has has visited me, but they always perch on my railings or flop around my herbal plants for a minute or two. At times they also quietly listen to my chanting.


Hence, it is my urge to all my friends: please don’t harm the birds unless you are compelled to. For it is not just one you have harmed. This has nothing to do with religions, just respect the birds as they also have spiritual awareness too.


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