Saturday, June 15, 2013

Conjuring Mountain Ghost (山鬼)

An illustration of the beautiful mountain ghost taken from intranet.
“Mountain Ghost” (山鬼) originates from an ancient poetry work dedicated to please the gods. The below poem is taken from the ninth poem of “The Nine Songs” (九歌). This spirit is called a mountain ghost because legend has it that this spirit is not yet promoted to the status of god by the emperor of the heaven.


One only has to go to a mountain with some offerings and incense and sing the below songs repeatedly:


“It is as if someone passes through the deep valleys, wearing pumila and carrots as skirt. She looks around with seductive smiles; she is gentle and lovely with very attractive figure.

She is riding on a red leopard and followed by a beaver; she rides on an osmanthus car with magnolia decorative flag. She wears Shi Lan and Du Heng, and plucks a branch of Acacia while missing your company.

In the depths of bamboo shrubs where sun light cannot penetrate, and the road is steep that lonely you arrives late.

Standing alone on the peak of a mountain, in the rolling and dispersing of ​​clouds.

The mountain is as dark as night even in the daylight. The east wind is roaring while the gods are casting rain.

I'm waiting for dear you in infatuation and forgotten to go back, the flowers are withering and how can I keep the bloom forever?

I am picking the fungus of longevity in the mountain; the rock is high and steep with wounding spiky rattans.

With a sense of loss grumbling about you hence forget go back; you misses me but cannot find time to come.

The one in the mountain is as pure and fragrance as Azaleas; drinking the stream water from rock seams with conifers over my head. (My mind is secretly pondering about you) Are you really serious about me?

Rolling thunder with drizzling rain; the apes are tweeting as the darkness falls.

The wind rustling while the tree twigs are falling, I am sad thinking of you alone.”














I use the above ancient song to call my Vietnamese Ngai spirit together with the Thai Phi Phop. Personally I think they work well together as the Ngai spirits are mainly of animals origin while the Phi Phop are of plant or human origin… At least they appear to me in that way.


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