Monday, June 24, 2013

A Story From Vietnam

I met a Vietnamese Chinese known as Mr. Lim during one dinner function in Ho Chi Minh City last month regarding his aloe wood plantation Feng Shui audit. When this gentleman learnt that I am also interested in magical things, he told me this story:


“My uncle’s son, John once fell in love with a Hmong tribe young girl somewhere near the border of Vietnam and Guangxi, China during this young man’s expedition. The couple stayed together for around two weeks and John thought it was time for him to go back to his parents and bid the Hmong girl goodbye with the promise that he will return to fetch her and marry her in a year’s time.


My uncle is a very traditional Chinese man; naturally he wanted his son to marry a Chinese lady instead. John wasn’t very serious with the Hmong lady either; naturally his father’s objection automacially became John's excuse not to visit the Hmong girl and fulfill his promise. They soon forgot all about the Hmong girl and lived as if nothing happened.


Strange things happened to John after one year’s time. John’s stomach started to bulge day after day as if someone is pumping a balloon. Having observed John’s pain worsened day after day, with some knowledge of black magic practices of Hmong tribe; my uncle decided to hire a very old Hmong witchdoctor to John’s rescue.


The old witchdoctor having observed John for a couple of minutes and pressed on John’s stomach told my uncle, “It is not difficult to cure John’s problem. But if I cured John; harm will naturally come to the person who have casted this magic. I don’t wish to do that. It is best for you to give me some money as compensation to cover the person’s loss. If this person agrees, then your son will recover in 10 days’ time.”


In view of it was John’s fault as to break his promise, my uncle agreed and gave the witchdoctor some money and present. I was later learnt that on the day the witchdoctor received my uncle’s presents; John’s stomach gradually subsided and suffered no further pain.


That was my story. Do you believe it?”

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