Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paying Last Respect To My Master

People's Kumanthongs play with toys, my Kumantongs paly with spears from Cambodia ...
Just a few days ago, I received a call from my beloved Thai master from Chiang Mai, Thailand. He asked me to go over ASAP as his health has worsened over last few weeks and he wanted me to take over his ritual artifacts; his son wanted no part of his father’s items as he was afraid of the spirits.
So I hurriedly called up my friend who is better versed in Thai to go along although my master knows a little Teochew and Hokkian. We arrived at my master’s place after a whole day’s travel and to my surprised that my master looked much weaker than I thought. After a round of casual talk, we go into the purpose of our visit.
It was from the subsequent conversations that I finally understood my master has difficulties to control his spirits as he is getting older and weaker. Apparently my master has fed his spirits with his own blood regularly and psychic links were formed between the master and his servants. As long as the bonds exist, the spirits will continue to suck the master’s energy and grow stronger in time. It is not a problem if the master is still young and strong. However, the loss of life force energy will be excessive to a fable old man and if this condition is not checked, the spirits can eventually take over their master’s body and the master becomes a walking dead.
Now I am really in a predicament: damn if I take them; damn if I don’t. After pondering for a while, I agreed to accept the consignment and bring everything back home in view of our tight travel schedule… and yeah, the consignment also included the spirits too!
I was finally returned to my place and the time was 3pm. In front of my gate was a notice from the utility company stating that due to repair work, electricity would be cut off between 10am to 7pm. So I said double damn to myself and go into the living room. I tried to switch on the fan even though I knew there was no supply. Before I wanted to start a second round of cursing… and presto! The electricity resumed and the fan started to move!
Do you believe it? It is the power of the spirits or a coincidence?
The sequel to that episode was that after I have appeased all the spirits new and old, I had a very clear dream. In the dream, an old lady came to me and told me to stop wasting time to search for more magic rituals and go into business proper… I think this is the indication that I will never see my Chiang Mai master again.
Whatever is the case, now I have to find a banana tree to house my master’s Phi Phop!


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