Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Discourse On Snake Ngai (蛇蠱)

A yant for curing bone fracture
Snake Ngai is another type of Ngai magic available out there and only practiced by a handful of Ngai master. I am not in position to discuss this practice in detail as I don’t want troubles from the Ngai masters. Since other than cursing opponents, Snake Ngai is also effective in the cure of finger joint pains and bone fractures, I just thought to have a simple discussion especially on the curing aspects.


First one has to get hold of one cobra (眼鏡蛇), one acutus (五步蛇) and one Bungarus multicinctus (銀環蛇). Dip the snakes into rice wine with tight seal for 6 months until the wine becomes yellowish in color. Without having to perform empowerment ritual, the snake wine is good to cure finger joint pains. This wine is especially good for the laborers and anyone uses his or her fingers excessively.


However, if the person would take a step further as to draw yants and conjure the Ngai deities to empower this snake wine for 6 months; the wine can be consumed for healing as above or to increase magical power. While the snake contents are burnt into ashes and the ash is either put into an incense holder for worship or it is buried under an Ngai plant.


After the empowerment period, an invocation ritual can be performed to make the Snake Ngai to materialize. The steps are as below:


·         Prepare 3 raw chicken eggs, 3 bowl of rice, 3 cups of water and wine.

·         One must also burn 3 pieces of incense sticks in the burner or Ngai pot.

·         Call lineage masters, Ngai deities and finally the Snake Ngai.

·         If the ritual is fruitful, the Snake Ngai will appear in the form of a snake, a string of white light or a kid after 49 days.


Yet another method to produce Snake Ngai is by putting the above snakes into an earth urn and the opening is then sealed. After that the content in the urn will devour each other until one snake is left. Then this snake is burnt into ashes and buried into an incense burner. The subsequent ash from the burner can be used to harm the master’s opponents.


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