Friday, January 31, 2014

Political, Not Quite Astrology: Rising Stars

My friend sent me a link on Teresa Kok’s Chinese New Year greeting video clip. It is a political satire and some of the issues are more familiar to general Malaysian folks and the satire is best understood by people who have some familiarity in Cantonese and Chinese; also one must understand current Malaysian political development.


I am only interested in the first part of it as it made use of some astrology ‘stars’. In order to read the meaning behind it, ‘star’ () reads ‘seng’ in Cantonese, it has the same pronunciation as ‘hike’ or ‘rise’ ().


Okay. Let’s talk about the type of stars available in Chinese astrology:


·         Fortune Star (福星)

·         Unfortunate Star (兇星)

·         Fortunate Star (吉星)

·         General Star (將星)

·         Etc.


Now, we have new comers to astrology just hot from the ovens in 2014:


·         Housing Star/Hike (房子星/)

·         Petrol Star/Hike (汽油星/)

·         Sugar Star/Hike (糖價星/)


However, the most devastating stars/hikes are the below:


·         Everything Hike (么都星/)

·         Simply Hike (亂甘星/)


Well, no wonder people say:


“Everything rises upwards now days, only rain falls downwards!”


So, let’s have a good laugh, and get back to work hard!


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