Monday, August 18, 2014

Casting A Taoist Magic Circle (保护圈)

Unlike the other magic traditions in this world that a magic circle is cast to provide protection, a Taoist magic circle is meant to ‘contain’ and to ‘capture’. Basically there are two types of magic circle in Taoist magic:
The Taoist 28 houses and 5 stars representing Taoist view of our galaxy.

The first is the circle of constellation which is a representation of the 28 houses (廿八宿). This circle is cast for two reasons, first in seeking the blessings of the ‘mother of stars’ (斗母) or better known as goddess Marichi and the constellation (参星拜斗) for the purpose of prolong one’s life and to avert disasters.


The second reason is to trap demonic forces and hence to annihilate it using the 7 steps ritual (七星斗罡).

 The primordial bagua (先天八卦).

The second type of circle is called ‘bagua’ (八卦) which is used to trap an army of demons as well as for the Taoist to escape from the chase of a more powerful spirit when the Taoist failed to contain the entity he/she wish to destroy.


Before a bagua can be used, a Taoist must be able to visualize the bagua clearly otherwise the power of his protective circle will be less. When a bagua assembles, the spirits will be trapped in and when the bagua disassembles; the spirits too will also be disintegrated.


A bagua also has many levels, the one that emits golden red colors is of the highest level; it is said that this type of bagua can even trap gods and goddesses too.


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