Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Darker Side Of Our Souls

People believe that everyone is accompanied by an angel and a devil. All one’s good deeds are triggered by the angel while the bad ideas are generated by the devil. This is a common scene in Disney cartoon shows.


There is another method to call upon the darker side of our souls. Call it the devil if you will. For folks who like to try the grey magic, please do so at their own risks.


This is an old Malay method to summon a familiar spirit:


First, one must find a large single anthill located far away from general public and go to the location on a full moon night, preferably on a Thursday night.


One should also bring a cane and some benzoic incense.


At the anthill and under the full moonlight, find a position where one’s shadow casts directly onto the anthill. When a suitable location is fixed, burn the benzoic incense and start hitting the shadow with the cane.


For every strike, say to the shadow:


“Hey shadowy one, come to me!”


The action should be repeated until a response is obtained: a gust of cold wind, a sound or even the shadow itself comes alive…


One should persist through the ritual until the cane frays. When it did frayed and still no result, then one should come back the next full moon.


According to the grand nanny who taught me this method that result will be normally be obtained within 3 tries. She also said that this is another way of getting one’s ‘Hantu Raya’ or you may call it a ‘Huge Spirit’, a ‘Wandering Spirit’ or anything else as it doesn’t matters…


I don’t know what that thing will be, but safe to say that it will not be a decent one!


Oh, one more thing… Please don’t look back during the ritual!


In the nanny’s own words:


“Jangan pandang belakang!”


What will happen to the one who looked back, only the God knows…

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