Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Exorcism With Meteorites (流星赶月)

Exorcism with meteorites is a classical Taoist ceremonial exorcism ritual commonly used when a Taoist is disturbed by stronger demonic force. This is a more powerful exorcism method as the demon will be showered by meteorite rains and there is nowhere to hide or escape. The effect is the same as if a human is being caught in a hail storm in the middle of an open field.


In most cases, the demons are not harmed but they are spared after they repent for what they have done. The fact is that no Taoists wanted to kill likely even with demonic forces.


The Taoist exorcism with meteorites method is quite tedious as there are many steps to follow:


First one will need to get a sword made of meteorite; though other swords are possible with lesser power.


A meteorite sword hammered from a piece of raw meteorite.


Secondly, one must cast a Taoist celestial protective circle and call upon the Goddess Marichi (斗母,摩利支天母) as below:

The magic circle should be cast while chanting the below mantra to call upon the blessings of Goddess Marichi..

天上修罗交战日, 人间劫难动灾时, 常游日月二天前, 独立刀兵三界内, 威光赫奕, 妙相圆融 , 接引众生, 超离诸苦, 大悲大愿, 大圣大慈, 朝礼法主九天雷祖大帝 (S),日宫太阳星君 (E),月宫太阴星君 (W),北斗九皇道君 (N),圣惠先天巨光斗姥,紫光金尊,乾元圣德天后斗姥,摩利支天大圣,圆明道姥天尊 (N)


(When demons are at war with gods in the heaven, troubles descend onto human realm, the one that plying in front of sun and moon, she who independent military power in the three realms; arrogant and solemn but full with compassion and willing to save sentient beings. I bow to the thunder god, the sun god, the moon goddess, the northern star and Marichi.)


Now, the Taoist will take up his meteorite sword and walk the 7 star steps:
While holding the meteorite sword in both hands and walk the 7 star steps, meteorites fall from the sky and hence destroying any demons inside the magic circle.

For every step the Taoist advances, he/she will imagine that meteorites fall from the sky. When he/she advances, the meteorites become bigger and finally area contain inside the magic circle is filled with red hot meteorites.


According to my master, the spirits will be stoned to death and if it is not absolutely necessary; this method should not be used.

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