Monday, August 4, 2014

Premonition During Burial: A Gravedigger’s Perspective (下葬预兆)

Although gravediggers are not occultists, they have accumulated many useful experiences in determining if a grave is auspicious or otherwise. I like to chat with gravediggers to obtain firsthand accounts of their knowledge not normally made public.


Below are some pointers from my gravedigger friends to share with you:


·         If eagles spiral on top of a grave, then the omen is half good and half bad.

·         If flies or moths present during the burial service that causes grumbles amongst mourners, then disputes will occur amongst the next of kin.

·         If black ants craw out from a grave that means the grave is not suitable to be used or very bad things will occur.

·         If a snake is sighted around a grave during burial service, that snake should not be harmed as it brings luck.

·         If a grave is visited by a pair of birds, then means good omen for the next of kin.

·         If it suddenly drizzles during a burial service, that is a good sign of sorrows ending and auspicious things entail.

·         However, if the sky suddenly turned gloomy but no rain accompanied with strong wind; the burial site is not auspicious.

·         If colourful clouds present on top of a burial site, then that means the grave is a good grave.

·         If strong winds blow from all four directions giving a sense of creepiness that indicates some demonic force is approaching.

·         If breeze is blowing gently uphill or downhill, the mountain god is properly visiting the grave. If this happens, one must quickly burn some incense to thank the mountain god for its blessings.


I often make use of the above pointers during my Feng Shui audits or while performing some rituals before and after a burial service. I would standby to those gravediggers’ observations are quite true. If you are not Chinese and have similar observations according to your culture, why not share with everyone? Perhaps you will have your side of the story to tell too!


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