Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Master Guigu’s Water Mirror (鬼谷子水镜法)

A talisman for water mirror ritual.
The water mirror method is said to be originated from Guigu Zi (鬼谷子) and then to Sunbin (孙膑). The legend has it that Sunbin is Guigu Zi’s disciple, one day Guigu Zi took a look at his water mirror and discovered that two types of colours present in Sunbin’s face: black and red. That means that Sunbin will be imprisoned and injured seriously soon. Later it was proven true as predicted that Sunbin was harmed by Pangjuan (庞涓).


A water mirror is actually a plate filled with plain water and then beans of 5 colors (green, red, white, black and yellow) are thrown into the water. After that five types of colors will be shown in a person’s water reflection. It is from a combination of these colors on a person’s face that a practitioner will be able to foretell one’s luck for the particular year.


A person who wanted to learn this water mirror method should burn the above talisman into the water mirror and start meditation at midnight while reciting the below mantra 49x:






(I call forth all 5 color lights from the 9 heavens to descend!)


After that he/she should repeat:




(The 5 color lights speedily present!)


Basically if the colors are bright, then the person will be having good luck for that year; otherwise the luck would be bad. All 5 lights and corresponding elements are listed as below:


·         Green: East, spring, wood, lever, etc.

·         Red: South, summer, fire, heart, etc.

·         White: West, autumn, metal, lungs, etc.

·         Black: North, winter, water, kidneys, etc.

·         Yellow: Center, last month of each 4 seasons, earth, spleen, etc.


There is another similar method in Maoshan Taoist known as the ‘water bowl’ method (照水碗). Whatever method is used, be it water bowl or water mirror; they are both meant for short term prediction only. It is still best to use standard astrological calculations to get firmer answers.


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