Friday, August 29, 2014

The Practice Of Shadow Man (Chaya Purusha)

The practice of shadow man is yet another yogic meditative practice, which incidentally is almost similar with the Taoist original soul.


First, we must choose a sunny day with clear sky, because this will enable our shadow to be cast in front of us. In doing this exercise, we must half close our eyes as in meditation and stare at the bottom of the shadow’s neck. We may close our eyes when our eyes get tired for a few seconds and we should lift our head and look into the clear sky when we reopen our eyes.


We will see a shadowy figure and we should continue to look at this figure as far as possible. If we are diligent in our exercise, then this shadow will become transparent and that we should be able to see two figures at this time.


The first shadow is the outer shell, it will gradually fade. While the second shadow will gradually become clearer and slowly the features of the second shadow will stand out. Finally, we will notice that the figure is ourselves. Otherwise, we also may do the exercise under the moonlight too.


An experienced practitioner can foretell and take charge of his/her future. This shadow man can also show a person’s health conditions and other secrets as well. According to scriptures, anyone who has practiced this method for 12 consecutive years then this shadow man will follow the person everywhere and guide him/her on every matter.


After following this practice for a lengthy time, this shadow man can also be projected onto a screen or a wall. When we can physically ‘see’ this shadow man, we can control our breathing and hence order it to perform our deeds.


Hence, the practice of shadow man will enable us to understand ourselves more. And when are at this stage, then we will have the power to control others and perhaps achieve enlightenment.


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  1. Are these chaya purusha pracitces dangerous ? I have heard some good brothers from singapore say to be careful with this one. many masters wont even teach or discuss it im told Thanks for the great info,

    1. Well, this is definately not for beginners; in Taoism or Hinduism for sure.

      But, if we even afraid of our own souls; then there is no meaning in this life.

      Don't you think so?

  2. Yes....we should be afraid of it.....because its not our one in this world is able to takover its soul....besides its an dark entity born with us to lead us for sins and bads thing

  3. only tell me it is black magic or not

  4. nope its white magic, it can be difficult to grasp but this is of your own energy. If one wishes to place labels on subjects then perhaps study with a true master then you can talk, now people are just afraid of what they don't know while its all very simple techniques

  5. people won't teach it due to the intent of practitioners and society in general,isn't that logic? what would you do when you with a invisible friend that can do nearly anything?

  6. How to get an invite to the website from the above chinese link?

  7. Yes, its not being thought by them because of people evil nature. But I know of another way that takes just 41 days to activate Chhaya Purush. Or you can practice Romani to develop your psychic daughter, it will do same thing Chhaya Purush will do for you

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  9. The reference you have provided is not working. It says you are not invited to read this blog. Can you please allow me read it. Thank you