Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hidden Knowledge Of Joss Paper Ashes

If I say that there is hidden knowledge inside the joss paper we burnt then you may not believe me.


There is a set of knowledge taught by Feng Shui masters of old that can let people know the deceased's death.


The approach is very simple: If the deceased is of unknown sex or origin, then before Qingming; Or it can also be done in front of the grave, or in front of the coffin if someone have burnt some joss paper. We can take a look at the paper ashes of what it was like:


         If the ashes yellowish white, that the deceased might be male.

         If the ashes is black, and that the dead was a female.

         If ashes show red colour, that the cause of death was bleeding or bleeding to death due to injury.

         If there are white spots within gray ashes, that the cause of death was due to drowning.

         If yellow is seen in ashes, the cause of death is due to edema or long illness.

         If erythema then the person is believed to have died in childbirth.

         If the colours are red and green then the cause of death is crushed by woods.

         If the colours are yellow and red, then the cause of death is crushed by stones or soil such as in mud slide.

         If the ashes are with yellow stripes then the person is died of strangulation.

         If the ashes show black lines then the person was killed in a foreign place.

         If red stripes are seen crisscrossing, then the person died during a fight.

         If there is no paper dust found than the dead was a loner, it is now described as unbelievers Taoism.

         If the paper ashes are wet and black in colour, then the bones already turn black and rotten.


I can’t stand by if the above tell tale signs will be accurate enough, but it is suffice to deem them as part of our cultural heritage!


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