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The Practice Of Malai Ngai (越南飞头鬼蛊)

The Malai Ngai Yant.
The practice of Malai Ngai is rarely being discussed openly as this is a dangerous ritual to evoke a spirit similar to the Thai ‘Phi Phop’ and the Malaysian Penangalan or more commonly known as the ‘flying head ghost’ locally. Basically Malai Ngai is not suitable to be practiced by anyone with small children or if a pregnant lady is around.


As with the Penangalan, Malai Ngai likes blood so it will attack the children especially the pregnant ones and cause miscarriage or even haemorrhage during childbirth and indirectly harm the mother and her baby.


In Vietnamese Ngai practitioner circle, Malai Ngai is priced with its capability to be able to ‘fly’ in the air amongst other magical capabilities.


It is not difficult to do this ritual but first one must plant one or two blood lilies.


When everything is set, the ritual is best to be done at 4am daily for 100 days consecutively.


First of all, draw the above yant on an egg and place the egg at the root of the blood lilies.


Now, start calling the three masters or simply say: “Heavenly masters, protect me” for 3 times followed by the ‘chu’: “pho lo co vi la la lo lo co vi la…” for 49 times.


It is a norm to see flash lights or red orbs appearing during the ritual, so do not be panic and the ‘chu’ must be completed before leaving the place.


After the 100 day’s period, Malai Ngai must be fed with animal intestines at least three times a year.


If one keeps the Malai Ngai for 3 years or more, then this spirit can unite with the owner’s soul and make the owner fly with his/her head too… with his/her internal organs together of course.


I suspect this practice is somehow related to ‘penangalan’ as the word ‘malai’ in Vietnamese refers to ‘Malay’; hence giving a tell tale sign that Vietnamese Malai Ngai is originated from the Malay Archipelago.

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