Thursday, August 28, 2014

Know Your Fate, Know Your Self (命主,身主)

One's fate and self are indicated by the Northern Stars and the Southern Stars Systems.
It is confusing just ‘talk’ about Taoist rituals, so let’s ‘walk’ the talk.


First some theory:


In Taoism, we human are made up of two parts; our fate and ourselves.


Both of our fates and ourselves can be calculated through astrology. But astrology can only tell what is coming to us and nothing else. Taoist rituals are meant to remedy what is short of us; provided that we discover our shortcomings early.


Now, below is just a very simple exercise that every Taoist should know:


The first is everyone must know his/her own fate. In order to do that, we must call upon the Northern Stars System as above.


One can light 7 candles, and line them up as above diagram and after that just walk starting from point 1 to point 7 and return. One must remember the number of candles that he/she has walked passed. If at any point one forgets the number of candles he/she is at; remember this position as it has a big significant on his/her fate. If one is not too tired, then he/she may sit on that position and meditate; lights may appear but don’t be afraid. One should remember what kind of light one sees as that will have some meaning to that person.
I would like to add a side note here that the Northern Stars System is also being used in Flying Star Feng Shui to find out the best house direction for a place. If one's fate matches with the house direction, then it will be good or else the house cannot be dwelled.


On the following week, do the exercise for the Southern Stars System as above but line up 6 candles or incenses as shown for the Southern Stars. Walk the star walk repeatedly until at one point one feels a sensation. After that, he/she may sit on that position and meditate for this position will have some relation with that person.


There are more extensive rituals and prayers to the gods and goddesses of the stars to increase merit; but the above is just a simple exercise to try out for fun. It is safe provided that one should not meditate for too long or problems may occur.


Anyway, reading about it is pretty safe. At best don’t try them without detail guidance and supervision for we are tempering with our own fate and self; and no one want to mess these two elements up if you know what I mean.

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