Monday, August 4, 2014

Curing Spirit Possession DIY (自助驱邪法)

It is not always one can find a magic expert when in need. So it is advantages to have some exorcism know-how just in case. One will not face with spirit possession now days easily in a supermarket or in a modern office. And that not many people would want to invest time in playing Ouija boards in our modern times. Well then, when will we be facing spirit possession situations you may ask?


If one has not engaged in spiritual related rituals or activities, there are a few ways a normally sane person can be fully possessed by spirits:


·         After recovering from long illness

·         When one is extremely upset and have extremely low morale

·         When one is drunk

·         When one is excessively tired

·         Etc.


I have a spirit medium what people call ‘tangki’ who likes to drink until dead drunk. That was one of those festival seasons of his patron gods and his followers donated many carton of beers. So after the celebration, the tangki drank plenty of beer and eventually drunk.


This tangki suddenly possessed by his monkey god and start making havoc in the temple. So people around this tangki caught hold of him and poured a bale of cold water over his head and shake his shoulders vigorously while calling his name loudly. After 10 minutes or so, the tangki was finally himself again.


So you have it folks:


When a person is deemed possessed and showing below symptoms:


·         His/her head stooped as if hanging on his/her chest but repeating a same action such as rotate his/her repeatedly, his/her eyes stared aimlessly into the air, he/she may murmur some foreign words. All in all, the person just behaves as if a total stranger.

·          This person may suddenly yell or turn violent and attack people around him/her.


In order to give spiritual ‘first aid’ to a possessed:


·         The most dangerous situation to treat a possessed is near water sources such as a lake, a river or sea. Of course if a group is camping on a higher ground then there is also a danger for a person to fall to death. So, the person must be moved to a safe place.

·         During the initial spirit possession stage, the person will still possess about 30% of consciousness. So, please shake his/her shoulders firmly but not too vigorously (we don’t know his/her medical conditions) and call his/her names loudly and firmly asking this person to ‘come back’.

·         Sprinkle some cold water on his/her face, if not pour a bale of water over his/her head. When this person feels cold, he/she will wake up automatically.


The above pointers are sufficient to ‘call back’ a light possessed case. Whatever you do, please do not use excessive force to pin down the person onto the ground, or tie he/she with ropes as fatalities do happen. We do come across news of death caused by excessive violent in DIY exorcism ceremony. Believe me, things are not that bad; so be cool please. 
"Satan doesn't physically 'kill'; human does."


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