Friday, August 15, 2014

The Super Ngai: Golden Silk (金蚕蛊)

I don’t know how many ngai lovers are out there; but this is not something too new as the golden silk ngai has been cultivated through the ages amongst the Indochinese hill tribes.


Almost everyone who follows this blog will know that there are many types of ngai plants: the black, the white tiger, the snake, the cobra, the malai, the centipede, the fire ngai and etc. Each of the ngai spirit is good for a particular task.


For example: a malai ngai can fly in the air, harm small children and causing stomach problems.  The snake ngai can harm as well as to cure snake bites, the centipede ngai can harm, cure snake magic and to cure centipede bites. The list just goes on and on…


Before I go on, if you plant ngai plants; you will notice that when you put all of your ngai plants together, some of the weaker ones will whiter and dies off. This is because the stronger plants will devour other weaker ones.


So, in order to get a ‘super’ ngai known as ‘golden silk’; one only needs to put at least 5 types of ngai plants together in a corner of your garden and let them devour each other. The place where you want to put all your ngai plants should be secured and only be accessed by yourself only. Be careful as not to let your pets or children to go near the area during this time. Or any creatures stray into the compound may be eaten alive!


The transformation process will take somewhere between 3 months to a year or so. If all of the plants died off; then you will have to start the exercise again… that will be very costly and time consuming (it took around 3 years to train a black ngai). In most cases, only one plant will survive. In my case, the only plant that survived is my banana plant after a year or so. Now, I am starting to cultivate my new batch of ngai plants and hope to produce a new breed of golden silk ngai.


At least once a week, preferably during a Thursday night, you should go to your ngai garden and meditate in the center for an hour or so to check the integration process. When finally one plant survives, the plant can be put in a corner and offered it with incense. Or its rhizome can be boiled, dried and carry it where ever you go. In that case, there is no possibility to produce more powerful golden silk ngai in future.


When a golden silk ngai is successfully cultivated, it will show itself to you in the evening as golden silk flashes. In most cases, you may only catch a glimpse of this flashing light at the corner of your eyes. Unlike other ngai spirits, this golden silk ngai is a free intelligent spirit that can move around, so please set up an altar to prevent it from wandering about.


Since this golden silk ngai is intelligent one, so care must be taken as not to offend this super ngai or it will devour its master. But if you really take care of it, then the golden silk will reward you handsomely with added protection much better than the Phra Ngan.

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