Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who Is Knocking At 3am Annually? (凶煞回魂)

This is a true case about ‘fierce soul returning’ (凶煞回魂) which happened to a millionaire household in Ipoh, Perak many years ago. The hero of this story was a tycoon in tin ore industry but now his descendents have migrated to overseas as I heard. I will try to recall the story told by my master some time ago...


Let us call this tycoon Mr. Wong. Mr. Wong was around 60 years old then and he had a good family with three sons both married and they were staying together in Mr. Wong’s bungalow.


Mr. Wong’s father was 90 when he passed away. My master was called in to arrange for the funeral rites as well as to calculate the soul returning date and time. After a brief calculation, my master shook his head and told Mr. Wong that his late father’s soul will return in 9 days time but her soul will turn into ‘fierce returning’ so care must be taken to prevent mishaps from happening.


However, Mr. Wong’s eldest son, Robert objected the idea as he was a faithful Christian and wanted nothing to do with non-Christianity rituals. So, my master was sent off with a red packet' and some apologies from Mr. Wong as he didn’t want to have disharmony in his family over the funeral issues. After all, Mr. Wong wasn’t too superstitious about Taoist rites either.


Three years lapsed, and one afternoon, Mr. Wong suddenly appeared at my master’s door step without making any appointments. That was odd as it wasn’t Mr. Wong’s behaviour to stop by a small fortune telling stall under a huge banyan tree.


Before my master could open his mouth, Mr. Wong started to throw everything out:


“I should have followed your advice Master Lu. After my late pa’s funeral we just forgot about everything you told us; we didn’t even bother to have the soul returning offering…


Nothing happened after that until the first anniversary of my pa’s death. If you can still remember that my pa passed away on the 3rd day of 3rd lunar month and at 3am?”


My master nodded and Mr. Wong continued:


“Right on the same time of the first anniversary, someone knocked on my main door and my first daughter-in-law, Elise went to open the door as she thought that was Robert returning from a business function. But she found no one. So Elise thought someone has played pranks and forgot about it only to grumble the incident over breakfast.


No one heeded the incident until six months passed that Elise suddenly went mad over a small incident with Robert and in a gust of fury, she grabbed the car key and sped off. But she didn’t go far as her car rammed into an old tree just outside of our mansion. Consequently Elise suffered a broken neck and died on her way to hospital.


Everyone thought it was an isolated incident and soon forgot about it and business was as usual.


Now, again on the 2nd anniversary of my pa’s death, right at 3am in the dead of the night; another knock was heard at the main door. So happened that my second daughter in law, Mary went to answer the door and again, there wasn’t a single soul there.


On the same year before the Chinese New Year, Mary had a sudden heart attack and died on her way to hospital.


We can only pray after two consecutive unfortunate incidents…


And as expected, on the 3rd anniversary of my pa’s passed away, again spot on at 3am, another knock again heard at the main door. This time, my youngest son, Jason went to answer the door. Jason was a scientific minded fellow and he wasn’t superstitious either… Again Jason found no one was there.


And again a few months later, Jason and his wife was killed in an air crashed somewhere down south…


I have lost 4 family members in three consecutive years!


That was my story and can you help?”


My master just kept silence and finally uttered a word:




I supposed nothing matters now. Wonder if thing will change if no one answers the door? We can only guess…


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