Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Hair Of Phi Phop (飞头鬼发降)

My contractor pal, Eric married a lady in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand at the age of 55 about a decade ago. We used to have coffee together but I haven't seen him for quite some time. A few days back I met Eric's brother and he told me that Eric has passed away due to suffocation. The coroner (验尸官) said that Eric's stomach was full of a lady's long hair. And it was his bulging stomach that has compressed onto the lungs which caused Eric's lung to stop functioning. No one knows why Eric suddenly consumed a large quantity of lady's hair but since the official found no foul play, the case was closed.


The people who know black magic around Northern Thailand and Myanmar hill areas understand that Eric may have been the victim of 'the hair of phi phop'; which is quite a common black magic practice in that part of the world. However, have no fear, not many people are successful in this type of magic.


As the name implies, the hair of phi phop ritual comprises of two components: the phi phop ghost (香蕉鬼/飞头鬼/琵琶鬼) and the hair kong tau (发降). Phi phop is said to be extremely beautiful with long hair and wearing green or white long gown. Many people wanted to have one night stand with this pretty ghost, but I would advise people to think twice for I almost lost my life to this spirit… In Malaysia and Vietnam, phi phop is said to be able to detach its head and fly in the night sky with the internal organs dangling below.


Any magician who wanted to possess the power of phi phop must perform a ritual for 3 years and 3 months to call upon the spirit and drinking lime juice every day. When this ritual is successfully completed, phi phop will unite with the magician’s body.


Now, the magician will find the corpse of a young lady. First he/she must obtain the corpse oil with designated ritual and the second the corpse’s long hair. Some of the magician will get the head together with its hair too. With all the required ingredients in hand, the ritual can be started by chanting the below mantra:


“Pengyou, youpeng, popengyou, vaccaipengyou, zapopengyou, pomeidangto, pengyou, youpeng…”


If the ritual is fruitful, then the corpse’s hair will extend 30cm to 90cm depending on the magician’s power.


When the ritual is a success, the corpse’s hair is kept inside the person’s altar ready to be deployed.


This type of black magic will take effect only when consumed. So the method is pretty simple, one only need to cut a small piece of hair and let his/her target consume together with other food stuffs.


After the victim has intake the hair, then the magician will recite the above mantra continuously and the hair will grow in 4 days time until it fills the victim’s stomach and blocking and entangling all his/her internal organs.


So you see, this is a very nasty and messy curse to play with. It would be very difficult for a good doc to remove a constantly growing hair inside a patient’s body don’t you agree so?


What makes this curse difficult is that anyone who wanted to help the victim must take care of two elements at one time: the phi phop and the growing hair… So, I would say that this is a sure die case.


Oh, in case you wonder, the hair will continue to grow hence making unlimited supply…


I suspected foul play, but due to myself being a stranger, I just kept silent for good. Perhaps I know who the culprit is…

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