Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Having Ghosts For Dinner (吃鬼)

Want to eat ghost? Think again ...
There is a saying that goes something like:




“I eat everything except tables and parents!”


Indeed, the Chinese would eat everything: the one that flies the one that swims the one that craws… you just name it. Even when we saw beautiful people, we would say it quietly: “Can you be my supper?”


But before I veered too much to other side, not many people knows that ghosts can also be eaten according to Maoshan tradition. When I started with Maoshan magic, I can purchase small edible softwood coffins. The purpose of these small coffins is to house ghosts captured during exorcism ceremonies.


When the time is right, these softwood coffins are consumed normally inside a Taoist’s altar. Of course, if the Taoist is an experienced one, then the ghost can be eaten on site. So what are the benefits of ‘eating’ ghosts?


Well, ghosts can be a good supplement of a Taoist’s chi. The more ghosts a Taoist consumes; the more powerful the Taoist will be. Not everyone can eat ghosts however as there are a set of rules to follow:


·         One can only consume odd number of ghosts at a time for if even numbers of ghosts are consumed, then they will gang up and fight against the Taoist in his stomach!

·         Only young ghosts are consumed as their chi is cleaner and easier to control.

·         Ghosts should not be consumed during the 4th month and the 7th month of Chinese lunar calendar.

·         Only wandering/homeless spirits can be consumed.


Basic procedure for ‘eating’ a ghost:


·         First, bind the ghost into a piece of edible wood or biscuit in that matter.

·         It is okay if you cannot find softwood coffin to put the biscuit in.

·         After that recite the above mantra and eat the wood or biscuit.


At this point, I begin to wander… Why is it that human are afraid of ghosts? It should be the other way round… The ghosts would be the one that should be running for their lives or else they will be ‘eaten alive’! Don’t you think so?


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