Saturday, August 2, 2014

You Can Never Help These Folks (难帮之人)

Humankind survives and flourishes until today because they can help each other when in need. Having said so, there are some types of people not worthy of lending a helping hand in the perspective of astrology. Well, my experiences are that it would be just a waste of time to help them; provided that you have a lot of time to spare of course.


I will list them accordingly for your reading pleasure; chances are you already have met one of them because these folks aren’t that scarce after all:


·         The imperfect strong (魁罡破格)

o   This type of people is extremely hard and unyielding in their character and there is no possible ways to negotiate their standards. So chances are they will hurt people around them and finally themselves too. These folks will stay single through their living lives or they will be very poor regardless on their present conditions. A millionaire can become super poor overnight. You won’t miss them when you see one. They are normally the high fliers and eye catchers of an organization.

·         The three conflicts (三刑入命)

o   This type of person normally lead a very difficult live. It is also possible that he/she is outlaw or made disabled due to illnesses or accidents. This type of person is difficult to help because he/she hides his/her feeling deep inside and that he/she will take advantages of unwary good Samaritans who try to help he/she. A person in this category tends to betray people near him/her and directly or indirectly hurts the people who wanted to lend a hand.

·         The captured bandits (伤官见官)

o   There is a saying that goes "伤官见官,祸害重重。” that means “a captured bandit faces multiple disasters.”

o   These types of people will face with unaccountable numbers of law suits, problems in work, and problems with bosses; if it is a she, then she will not have good relationships with her hubby.

o   Since these folks are normally not law abiding folks or engaging in something illegal, people gathered near them or try to help them will be caught by surprised with unforeseen troubles with the authorities.

·         The multiple unions (命中多合)

o   These types of folks do not have a good self standing, i.e. they will sway according to situational advantages. For example if you tell them a secret in your office, the next day the whole office knows about it. I would akin these folks to social escorts.


Astrology is an analytical tool, by studying a person’s astrological chart; one can clearly understand how a person behaves. There is no need to socialise with he/she fist and still cannot understand why this person behaves as such. I just have too many examples to share. It is time to discover this old knowledge of old and you will agree that Astrology is no nonsense after all.

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