Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Life & Fate Of A Secretary (女秘书命例)

The life and fate of a lady secretary is very interesting to study for she would have very intimate relationships with her bosses. This is a person no one in a company would want to offend because if anyone does, that's the end of his/her career with that company.


Many people would envy this secretary but do you also know that her life is also not so perfect? Let us review one example:





This is a lady who likes to flirt a lot, she has got a hard life and fate and she belongs to the combination of ‘imperfect strong’ (魁罡破格) and ‘captured bandit’ (伤官见官) types. Although she has no real power (her power is hiding behind someone’s), she wanted to do many big things through her bosses’ influences. This shows perhaps she is a mistress of some rich and famous guy. However she could not go along with any men as her super hard character. She would call it a sexual harassment when some men touched her hands accidentally in a supermarket literally speaking.


Her major life cycles are as below:





Her major fortune started when she was from 33-42 years old. That was when she has enjoyed and accumulated her fortune. When her life cycle entered the 43-52, she may need to have a career change due to her new bosses. It is during this time that she would be facing many law suits. After all, this secretary had been using her beauty and position to get many favours but doesn’t want give favours people wanted. This is the most challenging period, wonders if she would survive the coming years as she is only in her 45 now!


Well, her future, i.e. the next 20 years: the period between 53-72 years old gave us a tell tale sign. She would either lose all of her belongings or she would become a nun. But as her character shows it, it would really be over her dead body to be a nun. Perhaps it is time for her to invest in a grave and a coffin now before she lost everything else by the age of 50 and still single! Provided of course, this secretary can get married within the next 2 years figuratively speaking.


We lamented how our fates are, but our fate can be list down on a piece of blank paper. It is indeed unforgiveable to hear people say that they are not prepared of their future. Something for this civilize world to ponder about don’t you agree so too my friend?

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