Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Strange Encounters With Banana Spirits

I have had many encounters with banana spirits.


According to my faint memory that during my standard six while I was still studying in a primary school in Kuala Kangsar. I had a friend call Ming. Behind Ming’s house was an extensive banana plantation. I always follow Ming home on Friday after the school to spend a day or two there. There was a stream running at the back of the banana plantation; Ming and I always swim and fish in the stream then.


We were fearless then, added to that there weren’t any issues with securities as today. We even slept in the plantation during hot nights. Frankly speaking, there was peace and quiet in the plantation that the banana plantation has to offer. Only that one thing that puzzled both of us was that: we always see a beautiful lady in green stripped herself off and then swim in the stream.


We were also quite naïve to hide across the stream bank to peep the lady. It seemed that the lady was very open and played alone in the stream; looked like she doesn’t mind any peeping tom around perhaps. At times, this beautiful lady would turn her head and looked into our directions as if she knew that we were watching her. Of course, we would then retract our tiny heads in fear that she would not come to this place again. At times, we would release ourselves on site due to our physiological needs.


Gradually I can see this lady appeared in Ming’s house; she was especially fond of combing her long hair in Ming mother’s room. At time, we would be dreaming of playing and fondling with this unnamed lady until ejaculation. We only learnt of our lustful dreams during our casual talk then.


As time goes by, our face looked pale with black eye sockets and our feet and palms were icy cold. So, Ming’s grandma brought us to a spirit medium and according to the medium; we were troubled by a ‘banana spirit’. We were given some talismans and told not to go to the banana plantation again. When my mom learnt about the incident, she arranged me to be transferred to a secondary school in Taiping. Since then, I seldom contact Ming.


A few years back, I met Ming’s eldest sister in a market; it transpired that Ming has passed away for a few years already. Looks like Ming didn’t really escape the grasp of this banana spirit after all. Perhaps, Ming had married the banana spirit?


Many years lapsed since then; I had a second encounter with a Siamese banana spirit.


I was not that I want to bother her; I annoyed this beautiful spirit when I was trying to help my friend. My pal’s wife found a Siamese magician to put a death curse on my pal because he wanted to divorce her. I was quite innocently involved when I tried to undo the curse; hence the magician sent his banana spirit to attack me.


I was a novice to Siamese magic then and have lesser knowledge on the power of Siamese banana spirit. I could still remember that, when I returned home that day, I started to cough; not even a good doc could help me. Consequently, my Kurba Archan possessed my body and he used the cupping method to remove a large quantity of liquid from my body. It was fair to say that my body was covered by large and small of water pockets, a pretty awful site but I recovered since.


Oddly enough, I went to Bangkok according to the Kurba Archan’s pointers and found the Siamese magician in a narrow lane. Well, the magician was kind enough to pass his banana spirit to me. And that was how I got my banana spirit.


If you were to ask: If I am willing to deal with banana spirits again? My answer is that perhaps not, I am too old for that kind of stuffs; it is best look after the well being of my body so to speak.


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